Finding Inspiration by Decluttering and creating Space.

We piled every item of clothing Kristi owned in her bedroom. We were both shocked at simply how MUCH was she had accumulated! 

A few months ago, I helped my good friend Kristi go through all of her clothes.

Purging unworn clothing has not been something she's done consistently over the last few years, and she had been holding on to some items since she was middle school!

Using the KonMari method, the clothing that made the cut was neatly folded and stacked vertically in Kristi's closet. 

We followed the KonMari Method from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and piled everything she owns on her bed and floor and ended up donating 7 garbage bags full. Mari Kondo's advice is to keep everything that brings you joy, and we folded them neatly so they are easy to see. 

Now everything in her closet and drawers are super tidy. The clothing cleanse has made Kristi super happy and she kept telling me that she felt lighter. 

Seeing your friend experiencing a shift like this is so awesome!

Her energy was contagious, and you better believe I went home and did the same exact thing. (My husband Nik even joined fun!)

Please ... take a tour of my dresser drawers! :) 

Miraculously, we've been able to keep up our new system for several months now and it has made life much more enjoyable—especially since our apartment is 800 sq ft. 

Recently, NIk did the same thing to our office space. It had been the "catch all" as we have been renovating a multi-use building. Now our office is open, organized and clean. It feels incredible! 

But what's even more amazing is that decluttering physical objects has opened up so much more brain space, and it has brought inspiration into my life.

For example: 

  1. When the kitchen table is clear, I get motivated to make a weekly flower arrangement. 
  2. When flowers are on the kitchen table, my mood lifts.
  3. When my mood lifts, I can focus my energy into my creative work. (Like writing this blog post!) 

My challenge for you today is to read this book, and decide to get your space into tip top shape. Inspiration is just around the corner! 

Happy spring cleaning! 



P.S. Have you heard about next week's Happy Hour?! It will be our craftiest one yet. Bonus: we'll be at the new Ace Hotel! I can't wait and I hope to see you there!