Have you ever wanted to get into podcasting?

(Image source: The YaJagoff! Podcast featuring Propelle regular Tori Mistick!)

(Image source: The YaJagoff! Podcast featuring Propelle regular Tori Mistick!)

You've been told by every business and marketing guru out there that you NEED a podcast in order to stay competitive and grow your audience. You've done your research; reading blog post after blog post, downloading all of the free guides you can get your hand on, and investing in one or two books on the subject.

You've even gone so far as purchasing a microphone (or two in our case) in preparation for your big debut.

And then you drag your heels, because HELLO, a podcast is totally putting yourself out there and feels scary as hell.

The bad news is that those feelings don't really go away. Whether it's related to podcasting, showing up at a networking event. raising your prices, or launching a new product. It simply comes with the entrepreneurial territory.

The good news (YES, there is good news), is that the folks over at Podcamp Pittsburgh are putting together a panel of podcasting experts that you can learn from, network with, and ask ALL THE QUESTIONS. 


Date:  Thursday, May 12, 2016
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Work Hard Pittsburgh (744 East Warrington Avenue)

The panel, being led by Michael Sorg of Sorgatron Media, Inc., is comprised of some stellar Pittsburgh-based podcasters like Jim Krenn, Professor Buzzkill, Katie Dudas, Buzzy Torek, and Brian Crawford.

To learn more about the event and the structure of the evening, or to reserve your spot, go here.