Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving!

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take the time to give thanks for all of the wonderful parts of being an entrepreneur. So, we asked our femme-tabulous Rock It! members to share with us (and you) what they are thankful for this year.

This is what they had to say:

I am thankful for my Childbirth Ed students who honor me by allowing me to be present at their births.

» Deena Blumenfeld, Shining Light Prenatal Education
I am thankful that I get to help people celebrate life everyday...balloons bring color & fun to the party and I get to be a part of the joy of these occasions! Whether I am delivering balloons to someone in the hospital, dressing up a hall for a wedding or decorating a convention space for a corporate client, I know that my work will be an "uplifting" part of their experience!

» Leigh-Anne Weiss, Airheads Balloon Art
I am thankful for the ability to help women discover the power of their own bodies to heal, conceive and give birth to little miracles. I am also grateful, as an entrepreneur, to have the flexibility to take an extended maternity leave when I become a mother again in 2014. My clients understand, respect, and appreciate my decision to take a hiatus from health coaching in order to bond with my son.

» Jess Pedersen, Be Mama, Be Well
I am thankful that I get to use my skills to help others:

  • get unstuck
  • visualize a future plan
  • see & understand a different perspective

I am also thankful that I am able to do what I love AND still have the flexibility to spend so much time with my family.

» Emily Marko, Emily Marko| Visual Problem Solver

I am thankful for all of the opportunities I get to help Pittsburgh women connect, learn from, and support one another. Love this lovely, badass town.

» Diane Walter, Marketing and Moxie
I am thankful to live in a time where women entrepreneurs are celebrated and not scoffed at. I think back to the time when my grandmother majored in Home Economics when she went to college and at that time, it was breaking the mold for her to go to college at all. We, no doubt, still have work to do in the realm of equality for our gender, but I am thankful to be here at this point in the process where an organization like Propelle is regarded as a powerhouse of smart, awesome women, and not laughed at as some sort of sewing circle.

I'm also super grateful for Carrie, Emily and Kate for having the vision to create Propelle and all it's amazing communities, programs, etc. My involvement over the last year has been CRITICAL to some seriously major developments in my life. I don't know what my life would look like right now without you three as friends and advisors, and all the other friends I've made through your incredible work

» Sam Laffey, Porter Loves Photography
I'm thankful that owing my own business lets me hang out with my little guy all day long, and allows me to spend quality time with my family once I became my own boss, my priorities lined up with my lifestyle. Even though it's stressful finding time for myself, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

» Erin Marton Gaus, 'Burgh Living
I am thankful that being an artist and business owner allows me to do something that comes directly from my heart. I get to capture personality, companionship, new beginnings, and goodbyes.

» Jenny Karlsson, Jenny Karlsson Photography
I am most thankful for my family, but I'm also thankful for tea, persistent cats, and silly rabbits because nothing makes me slow down more. Making a good cup of tea takes time and attention, and when I sit down to drink it I end up with a cat on my lap who won't be moved. They know when I'm pushing myself too hard, so they press-gang me into cuddling them and actually enjoying the tea I so carefully make. Then the bunnies, seeing that I am now a captive audience, will binky and race and just be silly in general until I start to laugh. Only then are they satisfied, and I am reminded that the goal of working hard on my business is not money but the ability to have moments like these whenever I want, and I am grateful.

» Brandy Sinclair, Sinclair Jewelry

And from the loverly ladies of Propelle:

I'm thankful for the women in Rock It!, and all other women who choose to make Propelle a resource/secret weapon for their business and life. We are inspired by you every day!

» Kate Stoltzfus
I am thankful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and work on my own terms and to have a supportive community around me to provide me with loving criticism and applause. I am also thankful for my immediate and extended family, the family I've chosen, and for my fur baby.

» Carrie Nardini
I am thankful for all of the wonderful women in my life who encourage me on a daily basis to keep living and working from my heart because they are doing the same thing.

» Emily Levenson