Get connected.


Let's make a new reality.

Connecting with others gives you permission to tell your story and have your dreams come alive. Whether those dreams are of a personal or professional nature.

Your dreams could involve:

  • Giving a TEDx Talk and knocking it out of the ballpark.
  • Running a marathon for the very first time.
  • Signing your very first client.
  • Having a baby.
  • Falling in love.
  • Traveling around the world.
  • Learning to speak a new language.
  • Trying a new restaurant every week.
  • Hosting a television show.
  • Going on Oprah. Or The Ellen Show.
  • Meeting your idol.
  • Getting 1,000,000 hits on your blog. In one day.

And you may get there on your own.

But chances are, you'd get there a hell of a lot faster (and have more fun along the way) with the help and support of others.

Here are some ideas to help bring in all the support you need in your life. After all, you have epic dreams.

  • Identify your current supports and where you could use a few more! It's hard to bring in support if you have no idea where you need it. Start with what feels the most empty or overwhelming.
  • Ask for support. Once you've identified where you need the support, you have to ask for it! Or at the very least, be open to receive it. Call your mama, reach out to friends, find a Facebook group (or start one) that speaks to you. You may also notice that people will seemingly appear out of nowhere to fill in the gaps. It's amazing what happens when you ask.
  • Start a success group. The biggest predictor of success is who you surround yourself with. Put together a group of supportive people who are interested in helping you succeed. This could be your best friends, total strangers, people you meet through Twitter, co-workers, classmates, or even the wonderful women of the Propelle Mastermind. It doesn't matter where they come from, just that they want the very best for you.
  • Take care of the environment, man. Your environment also needs to be supportive of your goals and dreams. Trying to lose weight? Make your kitchen more supportive by keeping healthy snacks readily accessible instead of the junk. Wanting to go to the gym 3 times a week? Try laying out your workout gear the night before, or packing a bag and keeping it in your car.
  • Mind your mind. All of the people in the world won't keep you up forever. You have to develop your own mental supports, like cutting out the negative self-talk and replacing it with more positive, gentle, and loving thoughts. Other tools: meditation, deep breathing, keeping a gratitude journal, doing morning pages. Experiment, that's half the fun!
  • Get a coach. Sometimes it's easier to get support from someone outside of your normal circles. Someone who is in your corner, no matter what. After all, you pay them to be. Find a coach that makes you feel smart, strong, inspiring, and fabulous. You are worth the investment.

Where could you use a bit more support?

Hit us up via email and tell us what you need.

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