Generosity ... the secret to success.

Today my friend Lauren sent me this fantastic list of 15 inspiring career books from A Cup of Joe.

And since we're focusing on all things "giving" this month at Propelle, I perked up at the mention of the book Give and Take. I got even more excited when I realize it was Tina Roth Eisenberg who suggests it.

Tina is someone I admire greatly ... she is the founder of CreativeMornings and Tattly. I have not read this book but anything she recommends is top notch.

Here's what she had to say about Give and Take.

"The book that had a huge impact on me was Give and Take, in which Adam Grant explains why the most successful people are givers. It helped me better understand what motivates my co-workers and the companies I work with. And, it has helped me realize that there’s nothing wrong with running a business with a mindset of generosity. In fact, it might as well be the secret to success."

- Tina Roth Eisenberg, Founder, Tattly

So I'm about to download this one to my Kindle. I'll report back what I think!

Have you read Give and Take? What are your thoughts?

And what have you experienced that has inspired you to give? Has a business or friend ever directed generosity your way?

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