Forget all of your best ideas? Here are 3 tips just for you.

There is nothing more frustrating than having an AMAZING idea, only to forget it moments later. Whether that magical idea came while you were drifting off to sleep, when you were in the car and didn't have the ability to write something down, or while you were mid soaping in the shower.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help reign in those wily ideas.   

  1. WATERPROOF NOTEPAD. This one is for all you shower thinkers. AquaNotes is a waterproof notebook that you put right in the shower. The waterproof pad has 40 perforated sheets and a water resistant cedar pencil so you can take notes whenever inspiration strikes. 
  2. DICTATION ON YOUR PHONE. Both Android and iPhone platforms come equipped with this feature and make it a breeze to get your thoughts into a document that you can refer to later when you're in need of a little inspiration. Here's a great primer on Voice Dictation and information about Voice Memos for Android and iPhone.
  3. OLD SCHOOL PEN AND PAPER. When all else fails, carry a little notebook in your purse or pocket so that you always have somewhere special to jot down those lightening bolts of inspiration. You definitely can't go wrong with this multi-colored travelers notebook from YellowPaperHouse. 


I generate and record exciting ideas every single day.

So why is it important that you record your ideas consistently?

Because you'll know exactly where to go when you are looking to start your next project, and it will save you a ton of time.

Once you focus in on an idea, that's where the fun starts and you get to implement and create. (YES to that!) 

Happy idea-storming!