how to shake it up and find inspiration when you feel stuck

One thing that has helped keep us focused — whether it's in writing our newsletters or keeping things interesting in our Rock It! Community — is having a theme. And this month, we're focused on inspiration.

In honor of our new theme, we thought it would be fun to share where we draw inspiration from.


Inspiration can pop up in the most surprising places! I think the main thing for me is to switch it up with different activities throughout the day so I can fuel up and do my best work. 

Some recent favorites:

  • Learn new hip hop dance routines a la YouTube. 
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Cook a brand new recipe. My Prep Dish subscription always has something tasty to try. 
  • Watch a documentary. Love this one about Iris Apfel and I also enjoyed Twenty Feet from Stardom
  • Go see live music! Pittsburgh Winery is hands down my favorite venue. 
  • Invite some friends over for a casual weeknight dinner party. 


I honestly find inspiration all around me. Some of my favorite sources are from The Babe (my almost-2-year-old daughter), in rusted out mailboxes that we spot on our walk, or in books I'm reading.

Having said that, when I'm feeling like my inspiration tank is running on empty, these are a few of my favorites things that help to fill it back up:

  • A trip to Phipps Conservatory
  • A long walk around the neighborhood
  • Binge watching a show (X-Files and Mozart in the Jungle are my two current faves)
  • Reading a book (Janet Evanovich is a favorite when I'm feeling burned out on business and work)
  • I peruse Pinterest

What about you? What are a few of your favorites spots for seeking out inspiration and refilling your cup?