Feeling insecure? Try this simple technique.

Feeling insecure? Channel your inner Wonder Woman and you'll feel more confident in seconds flat. | wepropelle.com

One of our favorite TED Talks of all time is from the brilliant Amy Cuddy on the power of body language. In it, she talks about taking on a Wonder Woman stance to feel more confident and bold.

It’s no accident that an Amazonian badass stood like that just as she was about to save the world for the billionth time. She needed to channel power, strength, and courage.

But I’m not saving the world or taking on evil, you say.

(We’d probably argue that you are, in fact, saving the world with your super powers. But that’s another discussion for another day.)

Instead, we want you to think about what makes you feel the exact opposite of power, strength, and courage. It could be client meetings, talking about pricing, public speaking, networking, or even putting yourself out there online.

Now think about how you typically hold your body.

We’re guessing it’s a bit closer to this:

Feeling insecure? Try this simple technique for feeling more confident in your body. | wepropelle.com

When the urge to crawl under your desk and cry (and drink copious amounts of wine) strikes again, get thee to a mirror. Stand with your legs at least shoulder width apart, put your hands up on your hips, and stick that chest out with pride.

And then go take on the world with your badassery.