Can waiting actually make you happier?

Embrace the wait — why patience and delayed gratification is the key to happiness and success. |

I've always had a problem with delayed gratification. As a child, I would beg to open Christmas and birthday presents early. As an adult, I've been of the mindset that I might die tomorrow so I should definitely open that special bottle of wine.  

I'm pretty good at enjoying the good things in life, but sometimes my eagerness leaves me feeling a little empty. The happiness I was hoping for from devouring a special treat is often fleeting. 

Turns out, waiting can actually make you happier. — especially when it comes to experiences vs. material possessions. 

How do we apply this to business?

Last week we talked about what you can do while you are waiting. This week, I'm asking you to adopt the perspective that waiting is a good thing. The process and action steps you take towards your dream is where fulfillment is found.

You never know what email might show up in your inbox, what new person you will meet, or product idea you will wake up to. Know and trust that all of this and more is waiting around the corner, so long as you keep moving forward. 

So make yourself wait. 

Embrace the wait.

Give yourself some space. Just a day more. Just an hour more. 

You can do it.