Don't let clutter get in the way of your success.


The universal problem of busy women everywhere.

You have way more important things to do with your time than clean off our desk or do the dishes. In fact, hanging out on Facebook (it's for business, right!) or pinningThe 10 BEST Organization Tips EVAR on Pinterest is a way better use of your time. Right?


And here's why:
Our external environment is often a reflection of our internal one. (Tweet this)

Our homes, our offices, our kitchens... They are all a reflection of what's going on internally. If our brains are chaotic, so too is our home. If our home is messy, so too are our brains. It's hard to be creative, have brilliant ideas, or even do work when you can barely find a space to sit down.

What does your external environment say about you?

  • Does it say your organized and on top of things, or does it say that you're scattered and falling behind?
  • Does it say that you take pride in your surroundings or that you can't be bothered with the small stuff?
  • Does it truly reflect your creativity and penchant for color or is it drab and boring?
  • Does it wreak of neglect with dirty dishes, dead plants, and trash lingering on counter tops?
  • Does it say that all of the crap is hiding below the surface, stuffed deep down into the junk drawer?

This week, we challenge you to be intentional about your space and what message it's sending to your brain.

To quote Peter Walsh, an Australian-born professional organizer, writer and television personality, "If your house is full of stuff, all the blessings that could fill your house can’t get in."

Make room, lady. And see what blessings come your way.