Does your workspace inspire or suck the life out of you?

Have you ever noticed that your workspace can inspire, encourage, and help you stay focused as you're working your tail off? Or, conversely, that you avoid working in your office because it has officially sucked the life out of you, leaving you feeling disorganized and blocked?

We've been there.

On the side of inspiring when we can't wait to sit down and crack open our laptops. We've also felt totally discombobulated and stuck because our desks have become dumping grounds for any and everything.

Here's the thing, your desk is always going to be a work in progress, likely fluctuating between inspiring and sucking the life out of you. So if you're unhappy about the current situation, we encourage you to take stock of what's there and eighty-six whatever isn't working.

And lest you think we have it all figured out, we thought it would be fun to share what our desks look like and the things we've chosen to surround ourselves with.

On Kate's Desk:

  • A Museum of Modern art rotating calendar that was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. I love rotating it every day.
  •  An organizer for all sorts of stationary. I love to keep my note cards handy so I’m ready to rock. I love dropping letters in the mail on the regular.
  • Stapler, tape, cup of pens, scissors, letter opener, post-it notes, and a mini ceramic mug for random items like paperclips rubber bands, and safety pins.
  • Rubber Stamps! Our Propelle stamps as well as a generic paid stamp for bills. I find that one extremely satisfying.
  • Usually something super random. Today it’s a box of tea and a construction mask. I also have a deck of tarot cards. I’d say it’s tidy 80% of the time, but it can get super duper messy at times. I’m working on my organization. 

On Emily's Desk:

  • A desktop computer and a laptop. The desktop was a MAJOR upgrade when I got it 3 yrs ago. I had been operating on a 10+ year old desktop and it was really making it hard to be productive. And then, a year and a half ago, we got laptops through Propelle. It was a major #bossmoment to invest in ourselves and our business.
  • Candles. I always have at least one candle lit when I'm working. It helps to ground and inspire me as I'm writing.
  • My unicorn rainbow tape dispenser. Do I really need to explain that one?!
  • Inspiring art. There's a piece my mom did, one that I did at our last happy hour, one that Kate surprised me with, and one we picked up at Alt Summit. All remind me of really key people and moments in my life.
  • Tons of shelves, boxes, and little bins to keep my stuff organized. I am the kind of person who likes things to be organized, even if it's just a pile of paper that I'll never touch again. Mess makes me unproductive and unable to focus.
  • Scraps of paper, notebooks, and my trusty camera.
  • The baby monitor. Let's be real. The only time I'm really sitting at my desk and working is when my toddler is napping or sleeping for the night. Ah, the life of a working mama.