Doing it scared is way better than not doing it at all.

Doing it scared is way better than not doing it at all. |

A little love note from our newsletter archives around showing up, no matter what.

Because we all feel scared. But that fear shouldn't stop us or prevent us from being and doing the things that we were put here on this earth to do.

So if you're feeling scared and in need of a little kick in the pants to do your thang, this is it. 




Can we talk for a minute?

Kate and I have noticed that you've been kicking some major ass with your business. You've been showing up and doing your thing. You've even made some pretty fabulous strides recently.

Know what else we see?

A brilliant, capable, and all-together amazing woman who is letting her fears get in the way of her success.

What exactly are you afraid of?

  • Growing faster than you can handle?

  • No one will be interested in what you have to offer?

  • Failing, epicly and messily?

  • Messing up a good thing by trying something new?

  • That your family and friends will disown you?

  • Looking like an idiot?

Whatever that fear is, it's paralyzing you in some big and important ways.

Kate and I are here to encourage you and challenge you; to effectively push you out of your comfort zone.

Consider this your kick in the pants to figure out what is scaring you, so that you can get out there and do it anyway.

SHOW UP. No matter what.

We'll be here. To hold your hand. To lift you back up. And to squeal with utter delight when you knock it out of the ballpark.

Kate + Emily

PS—Need some specifics on breaking down your fears? Here's a great TED Talk from Tim Ferris on smashing fear and feeling like the Incredible Hulk.