Creative Collaboration



Have you ever felt like you were working in a vacuum?

Like you're connected to others, but feeling like it is only on a join my facebook event and I'll join yours level?

There are methods for connecting on a deeper level with other entrepreneurs can be a huge win-win for you both. We've seen this happen many times as women meet at a Propelle Networking Happy Hour and get to know one another and realize that they have a lot of common goals.

Many of us want to:

  • Increase our reach
  • Offer innovative products and services
  • React quickly to our customer's needs
  • Grow with our clients

Achieving one or all of these goals can seem overwhelming to one person who is most likely wearing multiple hats each day. Collaborating with others in complimentary fields can take some of the pressure off and create connections that you wouldn't have ever expected.

Here is a quick exercise to get you thinking in terms of potential partners to collaborate with in the near future:

  1. Ask yourself who you know that really energizes you and how would you envision working with her (or him)?
  2. What needs do your clients have that are not in your skill set, but are in that of a practitioner you admire and whom you can approach about an in person or virtual offering?
  3. What types of collaborative programming have you enjoyed yourself?

For me, Propelle is a great example of creative collaboration. Emily, Kate, and I all have unique points of view but all enjoy working with women who are launching and growing their own businesses. We are able to constantly uplift and inspire each other as we bring our own perspective and talent to the table. And then together, we create!

Your turn!

Share some of your favorite creative collaborations in the comments below, and tell us where you think you can begin a new conversation that might lead to a collaboration.