Celebrate the haters, you're doing something right.

(Image Source: Jessica Hische)

(Image Source: Jessica Hische)

While there were many amazing and inspiring conversations that took place at the Leap Day Jam Session, a favorite of mine was around haters.

For the sake of this post, a hater is someone who sends you a nasty email, leave a mean comment on your blog posts, leaves you a 1-star review, says mean things in a tweet, or otherwise takes time out of their busy life to say rude shit to or about you.

If you've been online long enough, chances are it's happened to you at least once.

In the 9 years I've been blogging and hanging out online, I've had people tell us our branding for Propelle is offensive to women everywhere.

I've personally had people email me to say that they would love my blog even more if I wasn't so vulgar, leave nasty comments on recipe posts saying it was the worst recipe they've ever made, and tell me that I'm a horrible human being for eating meat again.

Certain newsletters that I've sent have caused en masse unsubscribes.

I used to let it ruin my week. I would fester on the comments and craft lengthy emails trying to defend myself and my choices. But then I came across a novel idea, that honestly left me feeling WAY better about the entire thing. 

Celebrate the haters because it means you're doing something RIGHT.

That's right.

You can celebrate.

Celebrate that people are taking notice. Celebrate that you're getting super clear on your message and not trying to talk to or please everyone. Celebrate that you are showing up and putting yourself out there in a really big way. Celebrate that you've officially made it (because you have).

When someone unsubscribes from your list, thank them (internally) for creating space for someone who is a better fit to take their place.

When someone leaves a nasty comment, thank them for their feedback.

When someone sends you a not-so-nice email, send them a gracious and kind one in return. Or don't and delete that shit. But DO NOT let that sit in your inbox begging for your time and energy.

Haters gonna hate, but that doesn't mean you have to let them get you down or stop you in your tracks. Take it as a sign that you're being heard and you are creating an impact.

You've got this.


P.S.โ€”How do you handle haters? Leave a comment below and share your best tips and tricks for handling it all.