Can remembering the past really inspire you?

Hello, team! 

Kate here. 

Whenever I'm feeling stuck (and yes, I do get stuck), I make a list of times I've felt inspired. I recall locations, emotions, activities, surroundings ... all the little details I can think of. And then I ask myself, what can I do to bring more of this back into my life.

It's usually a pretty eye-opening experience.

Times in my life when I've felt inspired: 

  • Teaching myself to knit from how-to blog posts in my college dorm room and more recently finally mastering this hula hoop trick

  • The day I got my driver's license. I felt so free! I loved the independence and I couldn't wait for the next time I was behind the wheel. (I try to channel this version of myself when I become stressed out by Pittsburgh traffic.) 

  • After completing my first 5k. I've gone on to run much longer distances (I even completed a half-marathon) but achieving my first 5k was the most impactful by far. I wasn't sure i was capable but then I really surprised myself. I also had the same feeling after learning to ski as an adult. 

  • When I heard these words, "Great career insurance is meeting with coffee with someone new, once a week." At that moment I decided to start an interview blog that ended up changing my life. (And introduced me to my future business partner the one and only Emily Levenson!)  

  • The day I left my full-time job to pursue my entrepreneurial pursuits. I was a bit terrified and excited. I'll never forget turning in my key to the boutique I was managing and walking out the door for the last time. My husband played me this song as we drove away. I will never forget that feeling. 

  • Driving up a twisty mountain road on the way to Big Horn National Forest. Our GPS signal stopped working and we had no idea where we were going. We were completely unplugged and lost. It was a true adventure and I loved it! 

Once I sit down to recall moments like these, I realize I could probably fill a swimming pool with them. I really have much to be grateful for. And I can now see that even during my darkest/lowest points of my life, there were always glimmers of the little things that make life beautiful. Inspiration has never let me down.

There's no shortage of fresh starts, new skills to learn, and stories of incredible human beings. There is more than enough inspiration for all of us. You have not used up your share and you never will. 

What's on your list? 


There's no shortage of fresh starts, new skills to learn, and stories of incredible human beings. |