Can giving it away for free REALLY be good for business?

(Image source: Charylanne Skolnicki)

(Image source: Charylanne Skolnicki)

It may seem counterintuitive, but giving stuff away is actually a fabulous business strategy. 

Giving your peeps a taste of something great will have them coming back for a lot more — at full price. (Tweet this)

It builds trust and credibility with your audience. It creates raving fans who talk about you and want to support you. And it cultivates long-term relationships with your peeps.

Think about it.

Grocery stores give away free samples of products all the time. (DAMN YOU, Trader Joe's for sampling those Brownie Crisps.) Companies like Southwest give you free bags with all flights. Creative Market gives away 6 top-notch products each week.

They do it, because they know that you will buy more, look to them first for all of your travel needs, and go to them first when you're ready to purchase. You already know the quality of their product, and are more likely to purchase from someone that has done something for you.

It's become such a thing that The Harvard Business Review wrote a (great) post on generosity as a growth strategy.

What can YOU give to your peeps that will give them a taste of what you have to offer?

Here's to giving away the good stuff!