Can 30 circles really help you feel more creative?


Draw 30 circles on a piece of paper. (Or download and print this template.) Set the timer for 60 seconds and see how many drawings within the circles you can make. 

What's this exercise? It's the 30 Circle Challenge and it is inspired by Bob McKim's popular TedTalk

Spoiler alert: most adults find this task quite to be quite difficult. And if you ask them to share their creations, you'll often hear "sorry" as they reluctantly hand over their designs.

McKim states that we feel embarrassed to share with our peers because we are so afraid of rejection and judgement. It's because of this fear that we are conservative with our thinking and creating. 

When you try this exercise with children, they have no embarrassment and they're happy to share their "masterpiece" with anyone who inquires.
Our question to you is this:

What would you create if you weren't scared of rejection and judgement?

Let's have some fun with this one and get over the fears involved with sharing our work! Share your 30 Circle Challenge on social media and tag @wepropelle and #propelle30.