Business Tools: If This Than That

ifttt Hello there! It is Carrie with some great links to keep your brain buzzing with new possibilities for marketing or working on and in your business.

This week I'm bringing you my new FAVORITE social media tool ever. It is a bit tricky but definitely worth getting to know. It's called If This Than That or

I came across this tool and immediately knew that I would get sucked in to its greatness. I only have a few 'recipes' set up right now because I'm nervous that once I get going I'll be pinging information all over the internet.

IFTTT connects your current online tools and social media outlets to create efficiencies or to consolidate your social media efforts.

You can create custom actions—affectionately called Recipes—to connect their online tools, or browse through IFTTT's extensive collection of prebuilt ones. Consider it your personal assistant that works exclusively online.

I have used IFTTT for a client so that whenever she takes an Instagram photo it immediately uploads to a specific Facebook album. You can do this with Flickr as well, which I just played with and successfully implemented for I Made It! Market.

However, learning how to use IFTTT for your business may come with a few bumps along the way.

As I learned today, it's really important to think through your systems.

I directed my intern for I Made It! Market to upload her photos from a recent event to Facebook. They did not individually post to everyone's feed but rather appeared as a number added to an album—WIN. What I didn't account for was the fact that I had already configured Facebook to auto tweet posts. So...I SPAMMED the heck out of my Twitter followers.

Lesson learned.

I love this application because it gives my left brain some exercise in thinking through analytically what my needs are and how to best implement them through IFTTT.

IFTTT sends you suggestions for successful recipes you never even knew you needed and has a listing of the most popular ones on their blog.

Check out this fun recipe: Or this one: and text me if it is cold:

For you app addicts, this IS going to keep you busy. Let us know what recipes you create and LOVE.