Britt and the Broads.


We're excited to share an event from 85 Broads Pittsburgh featuring our Propelle Mastermind Member, Britt Reints. The event is tonight from 6-7 pm at Revv Oakland.

Britt will be talking about a favorite subject of hers: happiness. And it will be amazing. That much we know for sure.

For more information about the event, check out the details below.


What: In Pursuit of Happiness with Britt Reints
When: Wednesday, 9/25 from 6-7 PM
Where: Revv Oakland (122 Meyran Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213)

If someone offered to show you a guaranteed path to happiness that would also make you more likable and increase your odds of success in all your endeavors, would you take them up on it?

85 Broads Pittsburgh is pleased to be hosting author Britt Reints this month on Wednesday, September 25. Britt found her own happiness through a near-divorce experience, lots of therapy, and ten months spent traveling around the US in an RV with her husband and two kids. She approaches the topic of happiness with honesty, humor, and humility–and brings in the experts when necessary.

Britt recently published An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness, a collection of road-tested maps–guidelines built from the life experiences of Britt and other amateurs – which you can use to customize your own happiness journey.

When it comes to figuring out what will make you happy, you’re the expert. And although there’s no one right way to find happiness, gratitude is a path worth your consideration. Gratitude is an easy concept to grasp. To show gratitude you only have to recognize and appreciate what you have. Gratitude is also easy to practice. The trick is finding a way to incorporate a regular gratitude practice into your life so you may reap the benefits.

85 Broads Pittsburgh invites you to join Britt as she will discuss the different approaches you can take to figure out what happiness means to you and how to move closer to it by incorporating effective actions into your life.

This event is FREE and open to members and non-members of 85 Broads Pittsburgh.