One thing you can do right now to be more confident.

One thing you can do right now to be more confident. |

Want to start blazing a trail? Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. (Tweet this)

Can we talk about something personal today?

It's about the kind of people you've been letting into your inbox (us included). Yes, they may be stand-up guys and gals. And yes, they may have some amazing nuggets of wisdom to share with you. But they may also be stripping you of your confidence.

The gurus and the mentors and the coaches and the experts. The barrage of content, tips, and must-do's is clouding your vision and preventing you from showing up in the world as you're meant to show up. They are making you question your abilities and causing you to feel like it's all been done before. 

It's also possible that information overload is making you feel like YOUR voice isn't powerful enough. That people won't like what you have to say because _________ (insert favorite person here) has already said it a thousand times better than you ever could.

Which is a big steaming pile of horse poop.

Your experiences, and the way in which you interpret those, are needed. Perhaps you're words are meant to heal one person, or perhaps they are meant to inspire thousands. But if you spend all of your time second guessing yourself, it won't matter.

I know it started with the best of intentions; to learn something, to be inspired, and to help you find your way.

But it's time.

To step away from the safety net of others and to blaze your own trail.

You have permission to unfollow, unsubscribe, and unlike those who aren't serving you. If it makes you feel guilty, less than, or a twinge of jealousy, get rid of it. And instead, fill your inbox, timeline, and podcast queue with the things that inspire you, make you laugh, and get your brain firing in a thousand different directions. 

You've got this.