Author Spotlight: Gladys Edmunds


Allow us to introduce you to another fabulous panelist for our Propelle Presents: So you want to publish a book?: the loverly Gladys Edmunds.

Gladys has many accolades to her name in addition to writing her book, including an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Gladys also has a regular column in the USA Today, entitled Entrepreneurial Tightrope.

We're excited that Gladys will be sharing her wisdom with us tonight, and know that she will bring an incredible depth to the panel.


Name: Gladys Edmunds
Book: There’s No Business Like Your Own Business

Her success has brought her numerous national media appearances, including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Money Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Each week she talks to thousands of readers through her USA Today column titled Entrepreneurial Tightrope and her syndicated Internet column. She travels the country speaking to professional and business people through conferences, conventions and seminars. She also provides private coaching, advising and consulting services for small business owners in business development and effective marketing.

Convinced that anyone can draw from the holistic strength and creativity within them, Gladys Edmunds enthusiastically encourages others to take the necessary steps to achieve holistic balance. In her book, There’s No Business Like Your Own Business, Gladys identifies six practical and holistic steps for success.

Where to purchase There’s No Business Like Your Own Business:

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