Author Spotlight: Alicia Kachmar


If you haven't had a chance to meet Alicia Kachmar, you're missing out.

Don't worry. You can meet her tonight, at the Propelle Presents: So you want to publish a book? panel event. Alicia is one of our incredible panelists, and will be talking about what it's like to be a published author (co-author, and editor).

So, whatever your dream is around getting published, Alicia will inspire you with her story.


Name: Alicia Kachmar
Books: Witch Craft // Microcrafts
Etsy Shop: EternalSunshine

A teacher turned freelance writer, crafter, and all-around DIY-er, Alicia Kachmar enjoys crocheting safety cones, mixing martinis, playing pool, biking around and baking pies. She grew up in a creative and crafty household in the great city of Pittsburgh, sewing and baking before she had really mastered reading.

Alicia designs for such magazines as Knit Simple and Crochet Today, has participated in multiple Plush You! shows in Seattle, runs a bustling Etsy shop, and looks forward to future crochet challenges.

Where to purchase her book:

Purchase Microcrafts