An interview with Latisha Carr of Where Do You Dream

An interview with Latisha Carr of Where Do You Dream |

Do you ever get the feeling that some people are destined for greatness? That was the feeling I had when I first connected with Latisha Carr of Where Do You Dream.

Between her love for affirmations, her Oprah-esque ambitions, and her interest in what makes people tick, this woman is on a one-way flight to awesometown. Okay, perhaps she's already there and in the elevator all the way up to the penthouse. BUT YOU GET THE IDEA.

Latisha is a dreamer and a doer, a magical combination when it comes to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

So please, grab a hot cup of something and settle in for an inspiring interview. You'll be glad you did.


An interview with Latisha Carr of Where Do You Dream |

Name: Latisha Carr, MA
Business: Where Do You Dream
Job title: Life Coach // Dream Builder // Mental Health Advocate
IG: @latisha.carr and @wheredoyoudream

Can you give us a little background about yourself and how Where Do You Dream got started?

I started Where Do You Dream the blog in an airport going to Vegas in September 2014. I had hit a pretty dark spot in my life, what I call my quarter-life crisis where I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I had graduated with my Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling the December before and moved back home and from that point felt pretty lost.

While I was at the airport, I decided to do something different and started a blog on Tumblr. I initially thought it would be a travel blog where I would document my journey, but it became my place to encourage myself and others, and that really helped me get out of that dark spot.

Once I started writing the blog I realized I really enjoyed writing, started attending networking and women’s empowerment events, and started to get more focused on what I really wanted for my life. My mantra since 2014 has been “Dream Outside of Fear” and I took that on a little more each year. 

Flash forward to 2016, I decided to I wanted to make Where Do You Dream more than just a blog, I wanted to really help people get out of their own way and get to their dreams. I expanded the brand by creating a podcast called Views From A Dreamer and also launched my life coaching services, making Where Do You Dream an actual business to help others reach their Big Audacious Dreams.  

You talk a lot about dreaming outside of fear. What does this mean to you and how does this take shape in your work?

I started telling myself to Dream Outside of Fear when I realized I was in my own way of really walking in my purpose. I was afraid and that fear was really hindering me from getting to what I really want in my life. I have this big Oprah-sized vision for my life to make an impact in the world and I wasn’t even on track for that sized vision to actually happen.

I use this as mantra in my work to encourage others to get out of their own way and not to continue to allow the fears get in the way of their visions. There’s a saying of “Feel the fear and do it anyway”, and that is what I am encouraging and supporting people in doing.

An interview with Latisha Carr of Where Do You Dream |

As a trained mental health professional, self-care is an important concept. How does this play out in your own life and in your work?

Self-care is so important. I remember in grad school I had to take an entire course of stress management my first semester. I thought it was kind of silly to take that course at the graduate level, but I very quickly understood why.

Finding ways to take care of your well-being when you are working, building a business, and just overall on the go so often can sometimes seem like a challenge. I had to learn to build self-care into my routine just like I would anything else.

One thing I do is make sure I workout a few days a week, not only for my fitness goals, but because it really does help reduce stress to run or lift weights or anything like that. Another very important aspect of my own self-care is setting boundaries with people. You don’t realize how much time you can spend listening to family and friends day-to-day stressors until you are intentional about it. I set boundaries by not answering calls after a certain time at night unless it seems like it’s an emergency. I also make sure to journal and write things out as often as possible, my goal is to do this in the morning and at night. Lastly I go to church on Sundays to refill me spiritually as well.

What role has journaling played in your growth and evolution as a woman and an entrepreneur?

My blog initially was like an online journal for me just sharing my experiences and perspectives on life, so in that aspect, it has been major. I also love to write things out in general, so I have an abundance of journals all over the place. 

I created a template that I journal by first starting with the things that I am grateful for then I write the things I want to manifest in my life so I write something like “I am so happy and grateful that…” and write about things that I don’t yet have or goals I haven’t reached yet but want to manifest in my life. That has been very powerful in shifting my mindset in this entrepreneurship journey as well as in my life in general. I also write out places in my life I can improve and write an action that will help me move that improvement forward.

Journaling is definitely a major key to keeping my mind focused and getting all the junk from the day out and focusing on what I really want for my life and business.  

"living your life as fully as  possible is your god-given right. Don’t give it up." Latisha Carr |

Talk to us about affirmations. They are a big part of your website and we are guessing play an important role in your own life.

I believe in speaking life over yourself, encouraging yourself, and overall just being kind to yourself. Affirmations do that for me and I started sharing affirmations on my website for others to use as well. The affirmations are a way to presence yourself and give yourself some encouragement.

Affirmations also help you to speak things into existence so even if you don't feel your greatest, if you are telling yourself things like “I am a champion for my dreams. I fight for my vision, and work for my goals”, over and over, how could you give up on yourself, your dreams, and your work? You are telling yourself daily that you are a champion so eventually you will win. I love the power of affirmations.

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who are looking to move beyond fear and embrace their dreams?

Living your life as fully as possible is your God-given right, so feel the fear and do it anyway. You will miss out on so many amazing opportunities in life if you continue to allow fear to rule you. Fear has a purpose in our lives, but we can’t allow it to hinder us from the life we deserve. Practice feeling the fear and doing it anyway and see what amazing opportunities begin to come your way.