Affirmation Practice Results

It has been about 18-months since I first shared my daily affirmations, and I wanted to give you an update on how the process worked out for me. 

First off, I don't think I've ever had a bigger response from any other blog post. So many of my friends and family mentioned how it resonated with them, and that they were eager to hear how the processes worked for me. I would often get questions about how specific goals were doing. Talk about accountability! 

So what happened in the last 18 months? Did I reach my goals? The short answer is yes and no.

The highlights: 

  1. We made many desired improvements to our building.
  2. I increased the amount of time I played my instruments and brought more music into my life. 
  3. I completed my interview blog, Yinzpiration, even though my focus was waning at the end.
  4. I nailed all the increased savings plans, got life insurance, and felt more organized financially. 
  5. The most drastic change: I am now 6 months pregnant. (This goal took me on quite an adventure since I had so many fears surrounding the transition.  I'll be sharing more about the support I received in another post.)

Where I dropped the ball: 

  1. I haven't been as consistent with my morning routine, and since I didn't revamp these affirmations after I reached the 6-month goal period, I stopped reading them daily. 
  2. I did do a lot of journaling/writing this past year but only shared a small portion. 
  3. I didn't increase my personal income as much as I would have liked. (Although my husband and I did meet the financial the goals surrounding our Airbnb.) 
  4. I worked on mindful eating and being present, but I was definitely not perfect in this category! Especially when I stopped reading these affirmations every day. 
  5. I made more effort to connect with friends but didn't increase my talk time with my niece and nephew. 

So what now? Reflecting back on this process made me realize how well this exercise worked for me. I was surprised after letting them sit for a year, how much I had forgotten about what I declared important to me.

Bottom line: I've never been more in touch with my goals, intentions, and dreams with any other practice. My only regret is that I did not re-write them when the first six months were up. So that's what I decided to do. Here's my next set of affirmations. Hope you enjoy. I'd love some company with this so let me know if you decide to give affirmations a try, too!                    

Top Goals for the next six months of 2017: 

  1. Be present, vulnerable, and share more stories via Propelle and my #fridayswithkate posts. 

  2. Prepare mentally/physically/emotionally to have an empowered birth and become a mother. Embrace the last three months of independent flexibility. Remember my word of the year, RELEASE, when I find myself wanting to control outcomes related to my pregnancy, birth, and daughter.
  3. Notice the type of work that brings me joy and ignites my energy. Express why I love what I do, and get better at articulating my superpowers and what I do since it does not fit into a single box. 
  4. Eat mindfully (even though my appetite has significantly increased!) and make movement a priority. I will not skip prenatal yoga and Muv classes. Drink 10 glasses of water. 
  5. Play music, sing, and dance daily. 

Purpose: My life’s purpose is to shine bright and be a prism. I will reflect the light of others and help them see the rainbows that exist inside of them. I want to live an “outside of the box” creative life that is flexible and abundant. At the very core, I value relationships and experiences over things. I want to live within my means and express love often. I want to be kind to myself and others with my thoughts and my actions. 

Quantum Leap: To make the second 1/2 of 2017 my best half-year yet, I must:

  1. Write, meditate, and release the need to control every day.  
  2. When I’m stuck, I’ll ask:  “How can I be more open?" and “What can I do to shine more light on my favorite people and businesses?”
  3. Show more loving kindness to myself and my husband as we anticipate the birth of our daughter and transition into parenthood. 
  4. Make a plan to schedule out work ahead of time so I can take a 2-month maternity leave and still generate income. 
  5. Surprise myself, try some new things, and take more risks (especially when it comes to sharing matters of my heart). 

Infinite Wisdom: All things are possible when I am centered and in touch with what is bigger than myself. I actively connect to the infinite wisdom through the power of prayer and meditation. My thinking brain is very limited by my physical, mental, and emotional limitations. But when I actively connect to this deeper source that is when miracles happen. 

Financial Abundance: My #1 financial commitment for the next three months is to increase my personal income by 50%. Emily and I would like to reach 100 members in Rock It! community (we're so close), and work with a minimum of 4 new coaching clients. 

Authenticity: I’m ready to give up the quest to be perfect in exchange for being authentic. I’m a magnet for people who love and respect me. I don’t have to worry about trying to be someone I’m not. 

Productivity: I will start every day knowing my #1 goal and attacking that task first. But before I do ANYTHING at my desk, I will send a no-strings-attached email, snail mail, or text to someone to say hello/thank you. 

Affirmation Routine: I will read these affirmations every morning and before I go to bed. 


Photo by Nicole Lockerman. Affirmation format adapted from the book, The Miracle Morning.