Start acting as if.

A topic that has come up for Kate and I quite a bit in the past week is acting as if you are already the person you want to be. It's come up in client sessions, in our Rock It! Community, and even in links shared with us via email.

Many women (entrepreneurs or not) feel like they have to know more, do more, experience more, learn more, or otherwise be top of their field BEFORE they can call themselves something (read an article about it here).

The thing is, no one is going to be checking your resume or grilling you about what makes you "qualified" to do something. 99% of the time, people will take you at your word.

So how can you embody your inner Cher and start acting AS IF you already are the person you want to be?

One way to try on a new title or direction in your business is to put it in your email signature. You know, that prime real estate at the bottom of your email? It's the perfect spot to put your new title into play.

Another super simple way to act as if you're already the #bosslady that you want to be is to add it to your social media bios. They are short and sweet, so no chance to overthink it. Set it up and watch how people take you at your word.

The About Page on your website is a really great way (actually, the BEST way) to shape how you want people to see you and share your story at the same time. (Need a little inspiration to get started? Here you go.)

Last, but certainly not least, using an away message or a FAQ page on your website is a great way to help direct people in the direction you want to be going in. Most people see this as a chance to answer questions they get asked all the time. Why not use it as a way to answer the questions you want to be asked?

How will YOU be acting as if you're already the person you want to be?