Facing fear.


This post is the sixth in a series of seven about entrepreneurship. When we sat down to think about entrepreneurship for women, several themes continued to come up in our discussions about struggles that women (and men) come up against when starting their own businesses.

This post comes from Kate, and is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Facing fear.

Fear is perpetuated by “what if's.” And there are plenty of “what if's” when it comes to entrepreneurship.

  • What if what I have to offer is not useful to anyone?
  • What if others laugh at me and think I’m crazy for quitting my job and going out on my own?
  • What if something I do or say in my business offends someone else?
  • What if I am not able to find any clients?
  • What if I don’t make enough money to support myself?

Sound familiar?

It’s amazing how “what if's” can cycle over and over again in our minds — even when they tend to be irrational and full of speculation.

Fear can sneak up on us and suck away our time and energy.

It can paralyze us.

Perhaps the worst thing about fear is that it can prevent us from living our dreams.

Fortunately, fear can be conquered. We can choose to kick fear out of the driver’s seat and make our own choices. We can choose to focus on our goals instead of our obstacles.

You are not alone.

Let’s make one thing clear. You don’t have to face fear alone.

Sometimes just saying your fears out loud to someone you trust can help you find clarity and direction. That’s the beauty of coaching and a huge benefit of mentors and masterminds.

That’s what Propelle is here to help you with.

We’re providing resources and tools to get you through all of the challenges when it comes to your business. We’re going to break down those barriers together!

And here’s the best part: we get stronger as we help each other, and fear becomes less and less of an issue. Isn’t it great how that works?

What's one thing that you have been afraid of when it comes to your business?

Leave a comment below, and let us support you on the journey!

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