Value yourself.


This post is the third in a series of seven about entrepreneurship. When we sat down to think about entrepreneurship for women, several themes continued to come up in our discussions about struggles that women (and men) come up against when starting their own businesses. 

The third post comes from Carrie, and about valuing your most important asset: yourself.

Value yourself.

Your biggest asset is no surprise--it’s you!

As a female entrepreneur, you have the insight and ability to solve any problem at your fingertips. It’s just a matter of having the confidence in your unique touch to make an impression and take on new challenges with enthusiasm. (Hint - this is key in attracting clients!)

My business solves a couple of problems. It matches talents to opportunities and assists artists in marketing themselves to the public. Without the personal confidence in my marketing and connectivity skills, I couldn’t expect others to have confidence in my abilities or to value my services.

The hardest step you take in your business will be to believe in yourself.

Take a moment everyday to appreciate and cultivate the value that you possess and it will become magnetic, pulling the clients and connections to you that you deserve.

Being authentic takes courage and grace, but those are the same traits that will lead you to success.

Here are some ways to remind yourself of your unique talents:

  • Recognize that you shine. Take a moment each morning to acknowledge your value and to set the intention of how you will communicate to the world. Then write down one goal or task that you will accomplish to be successful.
  • Work in your zone. Write down the skills you have that most energize you in your work. Jump at opportunities to use those skills and recognize when it makes sense to use others’ expertise for the skills that make you cringe.
  • Ask what others value in your relationships. If you feel you cannot identify your very best attributes ask others! Human Resources professionals often use 360 degree reviews and you can as well.
  • Know that you are resilient. You made it this far and you will in fact achieve your dreams.

When you accept that you are a strong, talented leader you unlock the potential to earn the salary you deserve and to work with the clients that most energize you.

Rise up to your potential. You deserve it.

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