Here are 6 bad habits we want to obliterate this summer.

We are big proponents of practicing what we preach, and thought it would be fun to share a bit about the habits we're working on breaking. Habits that have kept us from being productive, focused, and more in tune with the world around us.


  • Looking at email in the morning and right before bed. I had a streak of about 4 months last year when I did not do this and it definitely helped my stress levels.
  • I sometimes struggle with prioritizing my work. I’m striving to “eat the frog” and starting with more difficult tasks first. 
  • I really want to be one of those people who squeeze their toothpaste tubes from the bottom. I’m working on it. 


  • Being glued to the phone (or computer) at all hours of the day. I used to be so good about having down town, but these days I feel like I am always looking at a screen, even when I have zero interest in what I'm looking at. It's time to put down the phone and shut off the computer and give myself a break.
  • Scarfing down my food. With a toddler at home, I always feel like I have to cram food in my mouth as fast as humanly possible so that I can eat without interruption. Trouble is, I inhale my food and overeat, making me feel slugging and annoyed the rest of the evening.
  • Negative self talk. I have realized, lately, just how negative my self talk has become. I am working hard to be more kind, gentle, and loving to myself. My new mantra: if I wouldn't say it to a girlfriend, I am not allowed to say it to myself.

What about you? What habits are you working on breaking? How can we help you reach your goals?