5 Zen-Worthy Resources for Meditation.

Feeling overwhelmed with your ever expanding to-do list? Meditation can help with that.

Feel down or depressed? You guessed it. Meditation.

Want to feel more balanced and centered? Meditate.

Want to feel more creative and inspired? Meditate.

Want to get quit stressing out about the big, little, and everything in between stuff? MED-I-TATE.

Just want to do something good for yourself? (Do I really have to say it again?)

Meditation is a ridiculously powerful tool. It's so effective, that you can start to feel an impact within 10 minutes. That's 4 songs on the radio. Or the amount of time you just spent checking your email. For the fiftieth time today.

What IS Meditation?

Meditation is the space between your thoughts. It's that time when you aren't thinking about anything, and are present with everything. Most of us get there right before we go to sleep. Which is why meditation can cause us to actually fall asleep.

Why should I meditate?

Meditation helps to quiet that internal chatter (and racing thoughts), as well as reducing stress. Which, hello. That's something we can all use. Meditation also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, improve circulation, detoxify the body, and brings about a higher level of self-acceptance and insight about oneself.

What other stress management technique can you say does all of those things at once?!

How Do You Meditate?

The physical act of meditation generally consists of sitting quietly or laying down and focusing on one's breath, a word or phrase. There are many traditions and countless ways to practice meditation, making it important to find the right style for you.

Not sure if you're doing it correctly? There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Think of it this way: if you are feeling better at the end of it, you are doing it right.

Getting Started

There are an amazing amount of resources available to get you started (or propel you forward) with your meditation journey.

Here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Meditation Oasis. Not only do they have free podcasts, they also have some insightful articles on meditation, and an online meditation course.
  2. The Headspace App. The creators have dubbed this a gym for your mind, and you can download it on your phone or tablet. The 10-day program is a great place to start to learn all about meditation and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day.
  3. Hurry Up and Meditate by David Michie. This is a great resource for those new to meditation and like to read before diving into something new. 
  4. 21-Day Meditation Challenge through the Chopra Center. Every few months, The Chopra Center launches a new 21-day meditation challenge. You get daily reminders via email, access to an app to stream each meditation, and a forum to connect with others that are on the challenge as well.
  5. Group meditation is a really powerful way to jump start your meditation habit, get accountability, and really work through whatever is holding you back. Meetup.com is always a great resource, as are local Adult Education classes through the local school district or Community College, or even local Rec Centers in your area.

BONUS: I just found out about a new program offering from a friend who helped me get back into meditation way back when. It's called Make Room, and it's completely virtual.

Here's to finding that inner place of solitude.