5 ways to get your zen on.

Dionda Fugitt is a mother, wife and serial entrepreneur. She is also the author of Adjust Your Crown, a book for little ladies aged 6-16 who need help regaining confidence, ambition, passion and self-awareness. We were so inspired by Dionda's message that we asked her to write a post for us outlining that same message for women (entrepreneurs).  

5 ways to get your zen on. | wepropelle.com

I've been on the hunt for a more zen-filled life for as long as I can remember. It's something that I've worked hard to instill in my own life, as well as the lives of my daughters.

But it wasn't until a sweaty Bikram yoga class that I got the flash of inspiration I needed to put it all together into a practice I like to call fearfully fearlesss living. There are five main tenants to this way of life, which anyone (and I mean anyone!) can do. All it takes is a little practice and a whole lot of determination.

How to embrace fearfully fearless living and get your zen on.

1. Turn off the revolving door of negativity.
As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves. Let's break away from that and, instead, create a space where we can have an honest discussion about our hardships, our wins, our losses, and our goals. By sharing our experiences, we open ourselves up to support and solutions. We no longer have to be our biggest critic; it's time to be our biggest fan. Now, give criticism the boot and keep those positive vibes in the air.

2. Embrace the power of affirmations.
I can not tell you how often I preach about affirmations. Write them on paper, on your mirror, in your phone, or on your computer background. You deserve to remind yourself of your worth. Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we forget self-care. Writing and/or repeating affirmations daily will surely boost your confidence while you're on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Declare yourself as amazing. "I am simply phenomenal." Now say it out loud!

3. Create a consistent journaling practice. 
I love to write and I love to journal. When I look back at my entries from 2015, I am absolutely amazed at how far I have come. Everything from my goals to my thinking process, and everything in between. Journaling is also a perfect way to do a brain dump or process a difficult situation — tears and all —without anyone looking at you like you're insane.

4. Find a business bestie.
The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one, and there's absolutely no need to feel any type of shame for looking for that lady friend who you admire or are on the same level as. Whether they are there to hold you accountable, troubleshoot problems you're having in your business, or to celebrate your most recent win, it's important to have someone (or a few someones) to have coffee and girl talk with. 

5. Tackle fear.
Living a fearfully fearlesss life is all about knowing what scares you and taking it head on. Easier said than done in some situations, but it IS doable. What scares you the most about being an entrepreneur? Taxes? Being a solopreneur? WINNING? YES! Some of us are actually afraid of being successful. Jot those fears down and check them off as you conquer them. Whatever your fear is, do some research on it. Become so filled with knowledge on that topic, that being afraid of it just seems silly.  

And there you have it.

5 ways to get your zen on and embrace a fearfully fearlesss life. Is there anything else YOU would add to the list? 

Dionda Fuggit, author of Adjust Your Crown | wepropelle.com

As a mother, wife and serial entrepreneur, Dionda Fugitt sees no limits. Sharing her "everything happens for a reason" approach on life, she plans on combining her passion and experiences in her series of books with a dash of sparkles and glitter. You can find her (and her books) online at diondafugitt.com.