5 Ways to be More Productive Everyday


If you're an entrepreneur, chances are your to-do list is ten miles long.

There are big scary to-do's mixed in with mundane little tasks. All are important, and all need to get done. The problem is figuring out what to do first so that you can get on doing what needs to get done.

Whether you're a chronic to-do list maker or an iPhone junkie, these productivity tips will help you take control of your schedule and feel more productive.

  • Use tools that work for you. If you need a list, by all means jot it down. However, if your life is on your smartphone, research apps that can help you hum along seamlessly.
  • Remember your goal. Take a few minutes each morning to set your intention for the day. Write it down and post it in front of you in your workspace.
  • Schedule your planning time. After setting your intention (ex. to communicate authentically with clients) take 10 minutes to map out your priorities and how they fit into your schedule.
  • Tackle the big items first. Which tasks on that list make you crinkle up your nose and get up to brew another cup of coffee? Jump on those first and get them out of the way. The rest of your day will be built on the success of completing difficult tasks.
  • Crush the time suck. Don’t open your Twitter or Facebook account until you’ve accomplished the items above. Even if they are your work, and you need to be connected early in the day, find time before connecting to accomplish the items above.

It may seem a bit time consuming, but once you make these rituals a part of your workday you'll notice that everything seems to fall into place. Procrastination has been squashed and your day is led by your intention and scheduled tasks.

Do you think you can try them for 21 days and make it a habit?