5 questions to help you win at life (and business).

When it comes to setting goals, we know you are a big-picture thinking kind of gal. We also know that sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated on those big, juicy, audacious goals when it's hard to see how far you've come. 

Which is why we wanted to spend time talking about how to keep your eyes on the prize by celebrating your wins daily.

Taking stock of your wins—the things you've done to help you reach your goals—each and every day, will help you build momentum, feel more productive, and see just how far you've come. 

We started doing this back in January of 2015; tracking our wins each day and sharing what actions we were taking towards our goals. The results? More progress in 3 months than we'd made in an entire year.

We are more focused, more driven, and are thinking bigger than ever before. 

All because we were tracking our progress daily.

See below for the template we've been using. We added these 5 questions to a shared Google Doc and continue to add to it daily. If you'd prefer to print it out and do it by hand, here's a link to grab The Daily Five in PDF form (there's even a morning and evening version).

Here's to celebrating those wins! 

Kate and Emily

PS—We'd love to hear what those wins are! Shoot us an email or leave a comment below and we'll do a little dance with you.


  1. What were my wins for the day (big or small)?
  2. Who did I reach out to today (email, in-person, handwritten note, etc.)?
  3. What did I do on social media to engage or connect?
  4. What did I do today?
  5. What will I do tomorrow?