3 Super Simple Scripts for Saying NO with Ease.

(Image source: Radioactive Cookies)

(Image source: Radioactive Cookies)

At some point in your life, you've been asked to do something that you don't want to do. So why is it that some people are freakin' nay-saying nymphs who can make the word no sound like the most amazing thing ever while others are practically allergic to the word?

Regardless of where you stand on the continuum, here are 3 super simple scripts to help you embrace your inner Meghan Trainor and say nah to the ah to the no, no, no with ease.


As a reformed food blogger, I would get requests all the time to share infographics, sample products, or share content on someone's behalf. Occasionally things would be a good fit and I'd say yes. But more often than not, it was a really bad fit. At first I simply ignored it, but found that I didn't feel comfortable just leaving things hanging.

So this became my tried and true response:

Hey _______!

Thank you for thinking of me with this one, but I'm going to have to say no.

Best of luck with everything!

<Your name here>


If you're feeling like you need to do a little 'splaining about why this request isn't a good fit, or you owe the person a little more than a thanks, but no thanks response, this script is for you.

Dear _________:

What a kind/thoughtful email and request. I so appreciate you thinking of me on this one.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to take on a < project / trade / barter / pro bono work > of this nature right now. If that changes, I can certainly let you know. 

In the interim, this project sounds like a great fit for ______________. Would you like me to facilitate an introduction?


<Your name here>

SCRIPT 3: The partial no. 

Every now and then, you will want to say yes to a request but not in the way that it was proposed. This script is for those times.


Thank you for reaching out! I'd love to connect and learn more about <you / what you're doing / your upcoming project ....>.. Let's start with a phone call (or Google Hangout) and take it from there.

Here are a few days and times that work for me:

  • Date and time

  • date and time

  • date and time

I look forward to connecting!


<Your name here>

And there you have it.

Three ways to say no that won't leave you feeling like a jerk or looking like a cold-hearted bitch. 


PS—Need a little more no-spiration? Check out this great post from Alexandra Franzen on how to say no to practically everything.