2014: The year of the unicorn.

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It’s a proven fact that coming together with a group of creative, driven, and supportive women entrepreneurs is one of THE most powerful things you can do to elevate your business and your mindset. The collective brain power of the Propelle Mastermind, combined with the support and insight of women all wanting to take their business (and life) to the next level, is an unstoppable force.

Are YOU ready to take flight and have an incredible 2014?

The Propelle Mastermind is for, if you:

  • Have a business and are doing well, but feel like you are only scratching at the surface of what’s possible.
  • Know what you need to do (or maybe you don’t), but need a little push + encouragement to take the leap.
  • Are willing to stretch out of your comfort zone to grow.
  • Love the idea of having a community of creative + driven women cheer you on and hold you accountable.
  • Crave accountability, and some Oprah-style butt kicking to shake up your fears and do what needs to be done.

Mastermind Session 1:

Dates: 3rd Friday of the month: January 17th, February 21st, March 21st, April 18th, May 16th, and June 20th Time: 9AM – 12PM Location: TBD (Likely in the East End)

What you get:

  • 6 (3-hour) group sessions run by Carrie, Emily, and Kate
  • 24 (30-60 minute, weekly) check-in’s with your accountability partner
  • Access to a private online space to start and grow conversations with other group members
  • Focused support, feedback, ideas, and strategies to help your business succeed
  • Clarity, inspiration, and laser-sharp vision for your business (and life)

About the Propelle Mastermind

We have the most amazing women in our Mastermind Group. When they talk, we listen.

Britt Reints “The Propelle Mastermind Group gave me invaluable support at a crucial time in my business as I prepared for my first book launch. As a freelance writer, it’s easy to feel isolated, but the Mastermind Group gave me both people to connect with and a well of inspiration and sound advice to draw from. If you want guidance, accountability, and motivation to meet your goals, I highly recommend a Propelle Mastermind Group.”

» Britt Reints, In Pursuit of Happiness
Deena Blumenfeld “The Mastermind group has given me an extraordinary brain trust of other women entrepreneurs. They’ve helped me develop new ideas for my business, that I never would have thought of on my own. The group also provided me with accountability, so that I actually have implemented these ideas. I have a group of ladies who follow up and who want me to succeed. Their support and expertise has been invaluable.”

» Deena Blumenfeld, Shining Light Prenatal Education
Sam Laffey “If you had told me 6 months ago that having women sit around a table and call me on my bullshit was something I’d sign up for again, I’d have called you crazy. But when those women are some of the smartest, most kick-ass women in Pittsburgh, and you pair the “calling of the bullshit” with some serious encouragement, ideas, and excitement, I couldn’t say no. Propelle Mastermind this summer was completely pivotal for me and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be this fall as I continue to work to take my life and business to the next level of awesome.”

» Sam Laffey, Porter Loves Photography
“Propelle Mastermind helped me realize the true value of what I bring to the table, and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level. The friendships and support network I’ve built are priceless. Thumbs up, ladies!”

» Diane Walter, Marketing and Moxie
“I joined the Propelle Mastermind looking for a sounding board while starting my business. I never dreamed how much MORE than that I would get from this amazing group of women! Emily, Kate, and Carrie provided the perfect amount of guidance in each meeting, as well as in between. I’ve already signed up for the next round!”

» Erin Szymanski, glitteR & gRitt
“The Propelle Mastermind connected me with a group of motivated local entreprenuers who were in the same boat as me: striving to turn their dreams into reality. We were rallied for, given tough love, and were held accountable for taking major steps towards our entrepreneurial vision.

» Greta Polo, Greta Polo // Transpersonal Movement
“As an entrepreneur, I think it’s essential to surround yourself with people who are positive and are always thinking big. The Propelle Mastermind group is a focused incubator of good ideas, kick-ass advice, and unbelievable support. I made several big decisions about my business and got clear about next steps to take with the help of this group.”

» Debbie Hardin, Hardin Acupuncture