How to tap into your creativity, even when you don’t think it exists.

How to tap into your creativity, even when you don’t think it exists. |

So many wonderful things swirl through my brain when I hear the word creativity. It conjures up memories of my childhood, people that I love dearly, and even something as simple as looking at the world in a different way.

As children, our worlds are full of creativity.

We create stories.

We create worlds.

We create messy masterpieces.

As adults, we often turn off that part of ourselves, thinking that it’s a waste of time. Or, conversely, we’ve been told by other adults in our lives that it’s not worth pursuing; that we aren’t good enough and that it won’t be a way to make a living.

It’s no wonder we feel stifled, disconnected, and out of balance.

We all have a need to create.

We all have a need (albeit buried sometimes) to tap into our creative brain and to make a lasting mark somewhere.

So how do you get back to that place of creativity, particularly when it’s been laying dormant for so long?

  1. Check in with your definition of creativity. A lot of people think that in order to be creative, that one needs to be artistic. The reality is, being creative is about putting your own mark on the world. How you do that is up to you!
  2. Look at the world around you. Nature is an infinite source of inspiration. As are the people around you. All it takes is a little awareness, and you can tap into a goldmine of creativity.
  3. Play! Play! Play! When you take an attitude of play and experimentation, it’s much easier to take chances. When we are afraid of making mistakes, we inadvertently shut off our creative brain.
  4. Find inspiration. Whether it’s a blog, a book, a photograph, a rock, or a friend. Inspiration is everywhere. And the more you connect with it, the more you can tap into your own.
  5. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice looking at the world with a different lens, the more you can do it. Take the time each day — even if it’s just five minutes — to do something different. Try a new recipe, work in your garden, play with your makeup. And then do it again, and again, and again.

And there you have it folks, 5 things you can do right now to begin cultivating your creativity and owning the fact that you are a creative person.

It's okay to stop focusing solely on the day to day.

Do you struggle with taking a step back and looking at the big picture of what you're trying to accomplish? Are you so busy with the day-to-day tasks of running a business that you are barely able to come up for air, let alone plan for more than a day at a time?

It's time (in fact, it's WAY OVERDUE) to take a step back so you can fill up your gas tanks, reflect on your mission in business and life, reconnect with the work you're doing, and refresh it all so that you can come back with renewed gusto and fire.

Be honest, when was the last time you were able to take a step back and do any of those things?

At Propelle HQ, we intentionally choose one month each year where we keep our calendar light and take a step back from the day to day tasks so that we can plan for the year ahead. 

We look at what has been working, as well as what hasn't. We look at what we loved spending our time doing, as well what drained us and left us feeling a bit ... meh. And we look at what opportunities we missed in addition to the ones that we will take a pass on moving forward.

When we're done, we have a cohesive look at our year ahead — our programming, our launches, our product and service offerings. 

It lays the foundation for the year so that we can get. to. work. 

We'd love to encourage you to do the same. Where in your business could you benefit from a little MA$E-over? You know ... some breathing, stretching, shaking, and letting go? 

In case you need a little help getting your thoughts organized, we've put together a handy dandy workbook to help you shed some light on the things you've been loving, what you've been kiiiiiiind of hating, and where you want to be heading.


Slowing down at the right moments can make all the difference

Is it possible to break free from the roadrunner lifestyle of constant hustle? Is it possible for us to truly slow down in this modern world? 

Carl Honore´ says yes. 

In his Ted talk, In Praise of Slowness (shared above), Carl shares that slowing down at the right moments can help people do everything better. 

Perhaps you are familiar with the Slow Food Movement. The basic idea is that we get more pleasure and more health from our food when we cultivate, cook, and consume it at a reasonable pace. 

The same goes for your business. 

Embrace the slow and intentional. Be mindful and present to what's happening around you. And take Carl's advice and get in touch with your inner tortoise.

Who knows. It could leave you feeling happier, healthier, and more productive than ever.