Are you afraid to be yourself when it comes to business?

Are you afraid to be yourself when it comes to business? |

When I first got into health coaching, I was scared shitless.

I had no idea how to talk about what I did, let alone ask someone to pay me to do it. I just knew that I had to look and sound professional in order for people to take me seriously.

After all, that’s how it worked in the corporate world.

So I went to work on a creating a business that was clean and professional. I chose a name, created a logo, and started writing content for my website. I even talked in the royal we to make myself sound bigger, better, and more impressive.

I wrote what I thought a health coach should write about—why kale was good for you, how to get more superfoods in your diet, and about the latest food trends.

Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are fantastic if you are passionate about them.

I wasn’t.

In fact, I was boring myself with what I was writing about.

I was also feeling like a complete and utter failure because I couldn’t get anyone to sign up for coaching. People weren’t connecting with the message. They were confused by who I was and what I did. And I wasn’t connecting with the people who were coming to me.

At the same time, I was also keeping a food blog called the Reluctant Vegetarian. It was fun, snarky, playful, and full of stories about myself and my journey. People were engaged, excited, and inspired. I was too!

When I was finally able to take a step back and see what was happening, I wanted to kick myself.

I was censoring myself to the point of no return.

Once I realized that censoring myself was actually hurting me in the long run, I knew it had to stop.

I took a look at what was working on both sites, and what wasn’t. I came up with a plan on how to merge my online presence into one cohesive spot, and focused on making it a true reflection of who I was as a person and as a health coach.

I wanted the language I used on my website to be the very same language that I used in real life.

Most of all, I wanted there to be consistency between the way I presented myself online and how I interacted with people offline.

In order to do that, I had to stop censoring myself and start sharing the parts of myself that were necessary for me to do my job.

The more I share of myself, the more others feel comfortable to do the same.

When I stopped worrying so much about sounding professional, I was able to get down to business and actually be a professional. My business began to boom. And I was attracting the kind of clients that light me up and energize me.

I also found that when I applied this same mentality to my personal life and relationships, big ships began to happen there as well.

To paraphrase my girl Oprah, this is what I know for sure: Share your story. Someone out there needs to hear it. Mistakes, slip-up’s, and all.


How to be true to yourself.

How to be true to yourself: 3 tips for recallibrating your inner compass. |

Now that your inbox and social media feeds are a better reflection of the things that lift you up and inspire you, let's work on that inner knowingness piece. You know, that internal compass inside of you that tells you when you're moving in the right direction (or when you're not).

Other phrases for this concept:

  • A gut feeling
  • Trusting your gut
  • Gut instinct
  • Intuition
  • Inner wisdom

So, how exactly do you recalibrate your inner compass so that you can tune in a trust that it's steering you in the right direction?

1 // Pay attention to your language.

Anything you describe as something you SHOULD be doing, or are simply doing it because another person (successful or otherwise) is doing it in their business, is a big red flag when it comes to being true to yourself. The SHOULDs are definitely the antithesis of being true to yourself.

2 // Check out your WHY.

Why are you doing what you're doing? Is it because someone else told you it would be THE way to grow your social media following, to feel sexy and confident, or help you earn an extra dollar or two? Are you afraid to ruffle feathers by trying something new, so you stick to the old "tried and true" way of doing things? Or, are you simply doing it because that's how your family has always done it?

3 // Does it make you uncomfortable?

Have you ever felt a twinge of anxiety in the pit of your stomach before doing something that ended up being a disaster? Fear, discomfort, and anxiety can be a sign that you are acting out of alignment with your vision and goals, and ultimately aren't being true to yourself. Check in with your inner badass and see what she has to say. Chances are, there is some important nugget that you've been ignoring or avoiding.

An interview with Professional Style Coach, Christina Renteria of PinkLux

An interview with Professional Style Coach, Christina Renteria of PinkLux |

The very first time we came across Christina Renteria and her site, PinkLux, we knew we had to meet this woman. Her sense of style and the way she rocked bold prints and colors made us a bit weak in the knees. 

And then, we got to know her and were equally impressed with her grace and joy in doing the work she does. Christina oozes positivity, fun, and a sense of confidence in the work she does that makes you want to sign up to work with her on the spot. But don't let that ease fool you, Christina is a hard working woman who is putting herself out there and doing her thing.

Ease, joy, passion, and service. Those are the guideposts of her business and ring true in just about every facet of her life.  

Here's to creating magic in 2017 and beyond! 


An interview with Professional Style Coach, Christina Renteria of PinkLux |

Name: Christina Renteria
Business: PinkLux
Twitter: @pinkluxpl
Instagram: @pinkluxpl

For those that may not know, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am the owner of PinkLux, which is a community that started out only as a blog where I wanted to help women boost their confidence through learning their authentic personal style. In combination with that mission, it is also a business that helps women and men build a professional and personal image/wardrobe for their business, brand or personal life. I strive to help others find their inner beauty, style, and authentic image. The company also offers makeup artistry and professional style coaching services.

When I am not working all day building the business, blog, and brand I am cuddled up on the couch reading or spoiling my dog Lucky. My weakness and key to my heart is a chocolate Kit-Kat!

Talk to us about your transition into entrepreneurship. You mentioned going to school for something totally unrelated to your current work. How did you get where you are today?

My transition into full-time entrepreneurship happened a few months too early! I was a part-time entrepreneur for 2 years. I remember looking forward to 4 pm every day so I could go home to work on the business. Unlike many entrepreneurs, I didn’t have the opportunity to quit my job as planned. I was laid off in October and that was the happiest day of my life and the day I made the best decision of my life. I chose to run PinkLux full-time even though I didn’t have a full plan — crazy I know!

The thing is I wasn’t fulfilled in my corporate America job or working in the legal field (college degree). Helping others has always been my purpose and passion in life. Through PinkLux I am able to be fulfilled on a daily basis and have peace; those two things cannot be bought.

Even though I went to school for law, my first love has always been the beauty and fashion/styling industry. Even when attending college, I worked clothing retail, styled, and did makeup artistry on friends and family. I truly believe some people are just born with gifts and mine are to help others feel beautiful and look amazing on the inside and outside.

An interview with Professional Style Coach, Christina Renteria of PinkLux |

What have your experiences taught you — about yourself, about your skillset, about the people you work with?

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur I never really had patience. That is something I definitely have now and it has helped me be better when reaching out to clients, growing the business, and teaching others. I also listen more than I speak to fully understand the individual.

Now working with many different clients from different work positions, budgets, lifestyles, sizes, and cultures it has really increased my skill set. Each person has its own style and understanding that when helping a person has given me the opportunity to help many different clients.

How do you stay true to your vision? Are there things you do to help anchor yourself in your work and the value you're providing? 

I keep sticky notes that are taped on my laptop, desk, and in my wallet that include my vision. When times get tough, I get discouraged, feel like I am not good enough, or need to leap with faith I look at that sticky note and it instantly motivates me. Reading it out loud makes all those feelings and thoughts instantly go away.

I also listen to all of my clients. The best thing an entrepreneur can do is ask for feedback. I never take anything as criticism but ways to improve. I am currently reading a book; it stated that the question every person needs to ask is “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of our services (or what you need feedback on)? As your makeup artist? Or me as your style coach? Or boss?” I believe once you start to ask the right questions the value grows in what you are providing.

I also, don’t constantly look at what others are doing that are in a similar field. This allows me to be authentic and not compare myself to others. Comparing can get you depressed and make you unproductive.

What's on the horizon for you? Any new products or services you're working on?  

2017 is going amazing! I am launching cycle 3 of “The Power of Image” in July (a 6-week program that teaches all the elements of having a successful professional image in your business life-image, communication, behavior, etc).

There is also a new virtual program “Lux Style Program” launching May 15h for the everyday woman/man to learn how to build their style/wardrobe (5-week program with bonus makeup class). Many free webinars, trainings, and events.

Personal style coaching services will also expand this year to help women inside and outside the country. So yes, a lot is on the horizon!

An interview with Professional Style Coach, Christina Renteria of PinkLux |

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who are unhappy with their current situation and looking for a change?

Start doing what you love or what makes you happy for at least 30 minutes every day either in the morning, evening, or night. As women, we are so busy in our roles that we put ourselves last. If you love to write, paint, read, meditate, or dance around in your PJs, do it! We can’t wait on others to make us happy, we must do this for ourselves.

I’ve learned that once you find peace and joy in life everything else aligns.