Feeling insecure? Try this simple technique.

Feeling insecure? Channel your inner Wonder Woman and you'll feel more confident in seconds flat. | wepropelle.com

One of our favorite TED Talks of all time is from the brilliant Amy Cuddy on the power of body language. In it, she talks about taking on a Wonder Woman stance to feel more confident and bold.

It’s no accident that an Amazonian badass stood like that just as she was about to save the world for the billionth time. She needed to channel power, strength, and courage.

But I’m not saving the world or taking on evil, you say.

(We’d probably argue that you are, in fact, saving the world with your super powers. But that’s another discussion for another day.)

Instead, we want you to think about what makes you feel the exact opposite of power, strength, and courage. It could be client meetings, talking about pricing, public speaking, networking, or even putting yourself out there online.

Now think about how you typically hold your body.

We’re guessing it’s a bit closer to this:

Feeling insecure? Try this simple technique for feeling more confident in your body. | wepropelle.com

When the urge to crawl under your desk and cry (and drink copious amounts of wine) strikes again, get thee to a mirror. Stand with your legs at least shoulder width apart, put your hands up on your hips, and stick that chest out with pride.

And then go take on the world with your badassery.

An interview with Chanthini Harrell of Emerald Escape Spa Products

An interview with Chanthini Harrell of Emerald Escape Spa Products | wepropelle.com

Have you ever talked to someone and felt like anything is possible?

Chanthini Harrell is that kind of woman. She is inspiring, motivated, and passionate about what she does. Which, mind you, is a lot. 

Chan runs a non-profit organization and a for-profit product-based business in between a full-time job and raising her son. To say that we are inspired by the work she does would be an understatement. 

We hope you enjoy getting to know Chan as much as we have. And if you're in the market for some bath and body products, follow the links below. 



Name: Chanthini Harrell
Business: Emerald Escape Spa Products
Job title: Owner
Website: emeraldescapeproducts.com
Instagram: @emeraldescapeproducts

Talk to us about Emerald Escape Spa Products. How long have you been doing it and what inspired you to get started? 

Emerald Escape Spa Products started as a hobby for me about 2 years ago , I love many of the big company bath and body products however some of them didn't agree with my skin. So I started to do research and tried several different distributors until I found products that didn't have unnecessary ingredients, made sure they are PBA and dye free but still have the feel of the major brands.

Prior to starting your current business, you started and ran a non-profit in the Chicago area. Can you tell us more about that? 

My NFP organization is called New Victorious Me. We serve the underserved and underprivileged in the urban communities through volunteering and hosting events such as back to school drives, warm our city coat drives, domestic violence awareness events and easter events just to name a few. I started the organization to bring together people for the common goal of giving back to the community.

With experience in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, how has that shaped or changed how run your business?

The only difference is the profit. It can be a struggle because you want your products to be affordable but don't put yourself in debt by doing so. 

An interview with Chanthini Harrell of Emerald Escape Spa Products | wepropelle.com

In the midst of running a non-profit, starting a new (for-profit) business, and raising your son, you also work a full-time job. How are you able to do all of those things without going crazy? 

Time management and organization are your best friends. Write a to-do list and cross off things as you accomplish them. Don't forget family time and "you" time, I know it's hard but it's very necessary so that you don't become overwhelmed. 

What's on the horizon for you? Any new products, partnerships, or goals for you in the coming year? 

We just released our triple butter and oatmeal shea soap bars on January 1st. This is a new addition to our bath and body lineup which contains lotions, shower gels and body sprays. Also we are adding new scents to our soy candle line.

An interview with Chanthini Harrell of Emerald Escape Spa Products | wepropelle.com

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who are trying to do it all? 

Don't give up, stay focused, and believe in yourself. Anybody can do it, so why not you!!

How to keep shining amidst the crazy.

How to keep shining amidst the crazy. | wepropelle.com

One thing that we talk about at length in both our Mastermind and Rock It! community is self-care. As in, how the hell do you stay sane while still kicking ass and taking names in your business?!

There will always be crazy times (like the holidays) that leave us feeling dull and flat. The key here is having a plethora of tools at your disposal to help you get your shine back.

So today, we are going to share our top 3 tools to help you keep shining amidst the (holiday) crazy.

How to keep shining amidst the crazy. | wepropelle.com


We often make ourselves crazy when we try to accomplish the eleventy-billion things on our to-do list in the span of an hour. Take a look at what's on your list and pick ONE THING to work on for the day. If you get that done, pick another. But for the love of all things sparkly, stop trying to do it all at once.


Most of us push ourselves to the limit, only stopping when we are forced to. Instead of waiting to take a break until you get sick (or hurt), why not build it into the process. You may be surprised at how much more productive and creative you'll be as a result.


You work hard, girl. You deserve a little TLC. Get a massage, schedule an acupuncture session, take a yoga class, go for a run, make a deliciously healthy meal for yourself, get your hair did, read a trashy romance novel. Figure out what makes you feel fabulous and GO DO IT.

Those are our favorite tips for making sure the world around us doesn't dull our shine. What about you? What do you do to take care of yourself so that you can rock your business week after week?