An interview with Rita Olds-Robinson of Heydays Design

An interview with Rita Olds of HeyDays Design |

Allow us to introduce you to Rita Olds-Robinson, the woman behind the big (amazing) hair.

When we first connected with Rita, we were blown away by her determination and sense of humor. Honestly, we just wanted to be her friend. As we dug deeper into Rita's story and got to know what drives her, we wanted to be more than her friend. We wanted to be her business bestie, her mentor, and her student.

Rita may not have the hands on experience of other seasoned entrepreneurs, but she more than makes up for it in her keen design sense, her ability to listen, and her willingness to learn. And in our experience, those qualities are more powerful indicators of success than any amount of time spent doing something. 

We hope you enjoy getting to know Rita as much as we have. And if you're in town for the #HustleHERWay Summit in June, we encourage you to get your ticket. Because Rita is going to rock it ... hard.


An interview with Rita Olds-Robinson of HeyDays Design |

Name: Rita Olds-Robinson
Business: Heydays Design
Instagram: @ritaolds

For those that may not be familiar, can you share more about who you are and what you do?

I am Rita Olds-Robinson and I am a Web Designer. I offer courses, consultation, and web design to help entrepreneurs, ready to make serious coins, live life on their own terms.

Let me tell you how I got here: I’ve been a professional writer in the corporate world for 10 years using my BA from the University of Pittsburgh to write creative copy, technical documentation, and manage projects for Fortune 500 companies including American Eagle Outfitters, Navy Federal Credit Union, Freddie Mac, the US Army and the FAA.

As a writer and project manager, I learned the importance of clear communications and strategy, and am able to use that in web design. In was in my last job as a Project Manager for web developers that I realized web developers make ugly websites and web designers need more coding skills. So I merged my creativity, intentional and strategic communication style, and new found coding skills to feel the void.

What prompted you to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Honestly, I’ve always felt a sense of emptiness in the corporate world. The pressure, the deadlines, the urgency to get things done that didn’t really make a real difference bothered me, but it was all I knew.

And then I fell in love. My boyfriend proposed and I wanted an amazing wedding website that reflected us and our quirks (not staged or expected). So I built it (consulting with the web developers I managed). Then a friend wanted one, and another friend, and I felt like a found my purpose.

It was a side hustle until we got orders to San Diego — clear across the country. So I though, you know what, I’m not looking for a job in San Diego. I'll hire myself and I will make it. And here I am. Full timing since January 2017.

An interview with Rita Olds-Robinson of Heydays Design |

What has been the biggest joy since you've gone full-time in your own business?

My biggest joy has been seeing clients succeed.  I am filled with joy seeing women walk in their purpose whether it’s making sales or sharing their voice via a blog. I am always screaming “Go, girl” from the sidelines.

What has been the biggest struggle?

Honestly, everything has been a struggle as a newbie. The top of the list: making a consistent income. But that translates to targeting the right audience, being consistently visible and being comfortable making the sale.

Managing my time is also a struggle. The beauty in working for yourself is YOU ARE THE BOSS. The downside is you must be disciplined. I am getting there, but the way my couch is set up...

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, how have you had to keep those tendencies in check while launching your business?

I must remind myself that done is better than perfect, and someone needs you right now, so share, go live, or post it. I’m learning if I act from my heart and with integrity, perfect doesn’t matter. 

An interview with Rita Olds-Robinson of Heydays Design |

One thing we hear A LOT from the women we work with is that they never have enough time to do everything they want to do. How can web design help business owners take back their time?

Ladies! Make your website WORK. It’s more than a menu of your services or staged images of you working. It’s your personal assistant, customer service rep, and more.

Here's how you can take back your time:

  • Anticipate questions your customers may have and answer them a lot. You can do this by adding a stand alone FAQ page, including FAQs on specific sales pages, and including detailed descriptions of your service + process. You will get less emails with questions
  • Map out your on-boarding process (every single step) and design your site to walk customers through the process from signing contracts to uploading documents to scheduling meetings. Tell the customer “What’s next” and guide them.
  • Put the onus on your customers. Make it their responsibility to pay, schedule time with you, and provide content to you.

I could go on and on, but these blog posts may help:

Where do you see yourself and HeyDays Design headed in the future?

I am totally dominated by my left brain. I geek out talking about code and systems more than the creative side of designing, so I want to transition to teaching or consulting vs. designing. I am happiest seeing someone get their “AHA moments” and implement systems.

I work with first time entrepreneurs who have been in business 2 years or less and instead of them relying on me, I want to to empower them to be self-sufficient (even if they aren’t techie). I also want to teach my fellow designers to become better at implementing systems into their design because they are doing entrepreneurs a disservice by creating just a pretty site. It must be fabulous and functional.

Do you have any rituals or systems in place to help you stay focused so that you can achieve your goals?

I learned the hard way that I must:

  1. Meditate every single morning. Starting my day with a clear head is priceless.
  2. Get dressed for work and not work in PJs. It increased my productivity 10-fold.
  3. Work at a desk. Not the dining room table, not the couch, and definitely not the bed.
  4. Time block. Thanks to you, Emily, I set aside 1-2 hours to focus on one thing instead of multi-task.
  5. Be gentle and patient with myself as I learn.
An interview with Rita Olds-Robinson of Heydays Design |

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who want to take a leap of their own?

Being unapologetically you is freedom. Embrace who you are and don’t try to mimic anyone else on your journey. Your purpose is yours and it won’t look or feel like anyone else's.

Defining success and happiness for yourself is freedom.

Challenge everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be a woman, happy, and successful, and redefine it if you want to.

Then chase makes you happy and work everyday to reach your own definition success.

PS: Be prepared to work.


Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in?

Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in? |

I don’t know about you, but tapping into my intuition is hard and trusting it is even harder.

Even as a young kid, I would whine that I didn't know if the answer I heard was merely wishful thinking (why, yes, you will have the Jane Austen-inspired boyfriend of your dreams) or if it was truly The Universe delivering the answer.

The truth is, I had the answers. I just didn't trust that they were authentic. I had trouble believing the feelings I got and the voice that I heard were coming from outside of myself.

Honing your intuitive powers can be done, though, even for a woo-lite person like myself.

The best place to start?


I recently began to dabble with mantras. (I know. Emily and Kate have been touting their awesomeness for years, but I could never get myself to the mind space to believe in their power. And do they ever have power.)

In the last month alone, repeating daily mantras has allowed me to focus on the positive (because who ever heard of a negative mantra?). Which helped me raise my vibration and hone my “gut feelings.” Which, in turn, has broadened my mindset to gain clarity in my life and my business.

All of that from repeating a few key words and phrases each day.

It’s truly been the key to unlocking everything I want.

So, uh, how do they work?

Mantras raise your vibration to a higher level and attract what you’re seeking into your life.

Everything in the Universe — people, music, clouds, emotions — vibrates at a different frequency. The faster the frequency, the more quickly the molecules ping-pong around, the more expansive it becomes. If something vibrates at a high enough frequency, it becomes light.

This, in a very tiny macadamia nut of a nutshell, is the Law of Vibration, which is fascinating and definitely recommended reading.

The Law of Vibration combined with the Principle of Resonance, which states that a lower frequency will raise itself to meet a higher frequency, is why all of this stuff matters. Your frequency either rises or falls to match the vibrations you’re giving out at any given time.

Put another way: like attracts like.

In the simplest of terms, your energy is a magnet. It pulls in similar energy. You get in what you put out. And we all want to bring the good stuff in, right?!

When you say your mantras — and really, truly believe them — you’re raising your frequency and opening yourself to accept a higher vibration.

So if you want to attract something into your life, you have to believe it can happen before it actually does. This act alone puts you on a level where these things already exist and they’ll find you there. Now, you’re manifesting!

All because you said your mantras and tapped into your power.

Need somewhere to start?

Need somewhere to start when it comes to using mantras in your day to day life? Let go of limiting beliefs with this sequence or take inspiration from Heather Visnesky of Abode and see yourself doing it

Whatever you decide to do, say those mantras.

And then send me an email and let me know how this works for you!


Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in? |

Angelica Ross is a converted mantra skeptic, content creator, and copywriter in Pittsburgh. She’s a storyteller by nature and loves finding the right words that connect with an audience. She believes in the power of a new notebook, the healing properties of cinnamon rolls, and that she’s four people according to the serving size of most recipes.

You can find her online at

Doing it scared is way better than not doing it at all.

Doing it scared is way better than not doing it at all. |

A little love note from our newsletter archives around showing up, no matter what.

Because we all feel scared. But that fear shouldn't stop us or prevent us from being and doing the things that we were put here on this earth to do.

So if you're feeling scared and in need of a little kick in the pants to do your thang, this is it. 




Can we talk for a minute?

Kate and I have noticed that you've been kicking some major ass with your business. You've been showing up and doing your thing. You've even made some pretty fabulous strides recently.

Know what else we see?

A brilliant, capable, and all-together amazing woman who is letting her fears get in the way of her success.

What exactly are you afraid of?

  • Growing faster than you can handle?

  • No one will be interested in what you have to offer?

  • Failing, epicly and messily?

  • Messing up a good thing by trying something new?

  • That your family and friends will disown you?

  • Looking like an idiot?

Whatever that fear is, it's paralyzing you in some big and important ways.

Kate and I are here to encourage you and challenge you; to effectively push you out of your comfort zone.

Consider this your kick in the pants to figure out what is scaring you, so that you can get out there and do it anyway.

SHOW UP. No matter what.

We'll be here. To hold your hand. To lift you back up. And to squeal with utter delight when you knock it out of the ballpark.

Kate + Emily

PS—Need some specifics on breaking down your fears? Here's a great TED Talk from Tim Ferris on smashing fear and feeling like the Incredible Hulk.