10x10: A creative kick in the pants


10x10: A creative kick in the pants


10 ideas for you to take a run with!

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Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar: 

You’ve been talking about doing this thing FOR EVER. But that’s all you’ve done because you have no idea where to even start. You’d kill for a.) someone to bounce a few ideas off of, b.) a more cohesive plan around launching it, and c.) the confidence to actually put it out there.

You’re feeling like you’ve been pushing hard for a while, doing eighty million things at one, and your creative tank is running on empty. And yet, you still have eighty million more things you want to be doing and could use a creative kickstart to help you get your head back in the game. 

You know deep down that there is a bigger audience — a MUCH bigger audience — for your ideas and work but don’t have the slightest idea on how to find them. Which leaves you feeling equal parts excited (because you are here to serve!) and depressed (because where the hell are they?!). 

You have been told by a thousand and one people that social media is an absolute MUST for your business, but all you think about is how much other stuff you have on your plate. You’re also struggling to rationalize spending the time on something that has given you like 5 total likes.



Please know that you are not alone! 

We’ve all — and we mean ALL — felt this way at one time or another. It’s one of the reasons we created Propelle in the first place. It’s also why we are extremely grateful to have smart and supportive women in our lives to bounce ideas off of. 

We also know that not everyone has a business bestie to bounce ideas off of. And even if you do, sometimes they run out of ideas or can’t see how to support us. 

Which is why we’ve put together a brand spankin' new offering to help you shift out of desperation and into creative idea generation. 

So what's the service that will catapult bosses out of ruts?

It's called 10X10.

10 customized ideas for you to take and run with. 

Use one, use all 10, that’s up to you! The point is to help you restart your creative engines and get inspired about the things you are born to do. 

And this is not just about 10 ideas ... it's about implementation, too. That's where the other 10 comes into play. The goal is to implement at least one idea within 10 days of receiving your list. 

We're especially good at helping with the following ... aka our superpowers!

  • Creating community (both online and off)
  • Creative marketing ideas via social media and word-of-mouth.
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Time management and balancing multiple projects.
  • Entrepreneurial pep talks
  • Event strategery

Why are we doing this?

For starters, it’s incredibly fun! We love brainstorming and exploring new ideas with people. 

Also? We’ve seen how powerful it’s been for the people who have received the list of ideas. We’ve been utilizing this service with our Mastermind members, and it has helped to infuse more energy into their current projects. The outside perspective has been helpful and effective.

Erin of Glitter & Grit said: 

Reviewing the list reinvigorated me in an aspect of running my business that I thought I was bored with, and continues to create excitement for me each time I reference it.

Tori Mistick of Marketing With Style said: 

The 10 ideas I received to implement for my InstaMistick launch party were sent with the disclaimer that I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. Well, I ended up using almost all of them! It was so great to have someone outside of my bubble brainstorm creative ideas that were doable and would make an impact with my audience. 

Helpful AND fun? 

Now that’s a winning combination. (Hint: be on the lookout for this feeling when cooking up YOUR next offering.) 

Okay, okay. We get it. It’s awesome. 

But how much does it cost? How long will it be available? And when will I have my list of ideas in my hot little hands?! 

To keep things simple (and fun), the price of a 10x10 is $100.

(You know, 10x10.)

The 10x10 will be available for purchase until Thursday, May 25th. 

Your customized list of 10 ideas will be emailed to you within 2 business days of purchasing. Super quick turnaround so that you can implement one (or all ten) quickly. 

How does this work, exactly?

  1. Click the big black button to purchase. 
  2. You’ll receive a link with payment confirmation to fill out a handy dandy form with the details of where you’re in need a jolt of creative inspiration.
  3. We receive your answers and get to work!
  4. You receive an email from team Propelle that includes 10 totally doable, fun, and effective ideas.  

Anything else I need to know? 

  • This is an email/virtual service. (Hooray for convenience!)
  • There will be no calls or in-person meetings to discuss. (Hooray for no back and forth!
  • Everything will be handled via email and questionnaires. (Hooray for efficiency!)

What do you say? Want to take us up on this super sweet deal? 

We can't wait to unleash some fresh ideas just for you ... we're ready to rock when you are.

Emily and Kate