Make 2015 your best year yet.

Propelle Mastermind 2014

We wrapped up another round of the Propelle Mastermind in December. These women were nothing short of inspiring, as they blasted their way through roadblocks to reach their goals and beyond.

We have watched with pride, as they held each other up and gave life to their respective dreams.

We watched as they become more confident, honed their intuition, and gained clarity in every aspect of their lives. We saw them become inspired, energized, and invigorated.

And we were honored to be a part of their journey.

We want to see you soar in 2015.

As we step into the new year, let us help give you the accountability and support you need to hit your goals (and then some).

We already have 8 incredible women signed up to unleash their awesome in 2015. We’d love to add you to their ranks.

What you get when you sign up for the Propelle Mastermind:

  • 8 (3-hour) group sessions run by Emily and Kate over the course of 2 sessions
  • Weekly check-in’s with an accountability partner
  • 6-week Virtual Summer Camp (online course) with weekly videos and challenges
  • Access to a private online space to start and grow conversations with other group members
  • Focused support, feedback, ideas, and strategies to help your business succeed
  • Clarity, inspiration, and laser-sharp vision for your business (and life)

Dates for the in-person group:

3rd THURSDAY of the month.

Session 1:  January 15th, February 19th, March 19th, and April 16th.
Session 2: September 17th, October 15th, November 19th, and December 17th

Time: 9AM – 12PM
Location: Repair The World (6022 Broad St., 15206)

Dates for the Virtual Summer Camp: June 15th through July 20th

Paid in Full: $2000
Monthly: $199/mo

2015 Series - PIFMM2015monthly


What some of our recent Mastermind Alums have to say about the process:

Melissa Vertosick “Having the support of the Mastermind this year provided such clarity in my business. It was all there but the group of amazing women really helped me to define it in a way that I can share with others. I loved the support and counsel as I created my first retreat. Being in the group creates friendships and connections that will long outlast the time we spent together around a table sharing our desires and turning them into reality.”

» Melissa Vertosick, The Whole Life Approach
Sam Laffey “I think the greatest value I’ve gleaned from my Mastermind experience is learning to believe in myself, and to have confidence in my own skills and intuition. And the friends, I’ve made completely amazing friends.”

Debbie Hardin | Hardin Acupuncture “I get so much out of these Mastermind sessions it’s hard to know where to start. I think the biggest thing for me this time around has been confidence. It’s so easy to get caught up in the things around business that I don’t think I’m doing well enough or fast enough. To have other awesome women reflect back what I’m doing well is so helpful. Then I can build on that and let some of the other things go rather than getting caught in a cycle of self-criticism.”

 » Debbie Hardin, Hardin Acupuncture

Guest Post: Help! I’m Burning Out!

Burnout(Image source: Dennis Skley)

When first following your dreams and starting a business, you have this vision that everything will be perfect and you’ll have so much free time to do those things you could never do before, like take the dog for more walks, go on vacation, get to yoga 7 days a week, etc.

The truth is that if you don’t start making time for those things NOW, you will never create the habit(s) to do them later!

It sounds overwhelming, right? How could you possibly fit all of these extra things into your schedule right now?

As ambitious women, we aim HIGH. Aiming high can be a great thing: it is a big part of the reason female entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with. Maybe we’re loving our business so much and working long hours, neglecting to spend time with our partners, girlfriends, pets, and family. Not spending time with all those important people in your life is not sustainable, but the most dangerous relationship to neglect when we’re in launch- or work-mode is our relationship with ourselves.

We’ve all been there – you work-work-work and hustle your little buns off until one day you realize you feel completely dulled out and uninspired by what you’re doing.You feel like the honeymoon stage for you and your business is O-V-E-R and you’re locked in for a long, unsatisfying marriage ahead. Why does this happen!?!

Think of your personal happiness, energy, and enthusiasm as the fuel for your business.

When you are not functioning at your most optimal level, neither is your business or the relationships that make your life fuller.

So when we aren’t overflowing with love, passion, commitment, abundance, and any other feelings we want to call into our lives and work, we’re unable to deliver for both ourselves and for our businesses (…and that, sisters, is called “burnout!”).

The feminine energy is fullness.

As women, we must first focus on ourselves and making ourselves feel FULL of whatever it is we want to cultivate in our lives and businesses. Only then can we truly give the gifts we are meant to share with the world to our fullest capacity and with our greatest effectiveness.

Here are a few ways to fill yourself up first, so that you can, in turn, share your incredible gifts with the world:

  1. Radical Self-Care – Avoid the higher powers that be to force you to take a break by making you sick! Schedule meal times, breaks, deadlines, work hours for specific tasks (i.e. creating content, strategic planning, etc.). Also, prepare meals for your week (one of my favorite things to do on Sundays!). Create date nights with girlfriends and/or your partner, and make self-care a priority.
  2. Have a clear vision of what you want to create – Set time aside each month to envision and write down exactly how you envision things going in your life and business this month (the two are intimately intertwined!). This will help keep you focused and energized because you’re moving toward something extremely pleasurable!
  3. Flip Your “What Ifs” – Fear is inevitable when you’re taking risks outside of your comfort zone and following your dreams – the next time fear manifests itself in the
    form of a “What if” for you (i.e. What if I’m not talented/good/smart/ready enough?) try flipping it! Write each of your fearful “what ifs” down on paper, then replace each of those negative, fearful, and paralyzing “what ifs” with something empowering (i.e. What if I become a millionaire or double my income?). I love this tool, and it always helps to bring me back to why I’m doing something risky, which is to create something even better for myself and for the world!
  4. Work in Cycles — Plan out your year so it suits your natural productivity cycles – do you want to have the summer off and have your website & social media pages to be on autopilot during this time? Great! Then plan appropriately so you work your bum off over the winter months while sipping hot tea and cuddling up by the fireplace. Once you have your vision mapped out, ask yourself: what do I need to do to create this ideal situation? Maybe you consider how much money you’d like to be making, and work backwards to determine your rates per client.
  5. Support & Sisterhood – The biggest reason we don’t accomplish our aspirations is that we don’t have anyone in our corner holding us accountable or cheering us on! I like to call this a secret weapon in business – sisterhood is the MOST powerful tool you can have. That’s why joining a group like Propelle is SO necessary – as brilliant women joining forces, we are able to learn and grow together, both personally and in our businesses.
  6. Revise your Lexicon – Notice where the words you use either limit you or hold you back. How are you framing things for yourself? Are you making them seem undesirable? My life coach and mentor, Jeannine Yoder , suggests replacing the word “work” with “create” to allow your work to feel even more fun and exciting! This tiny little shift works in magnanimous ways.



Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel is a life coach & dream weaver, dedicated to supporting you in creating your dream life. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs and ambitious women to create clarity, action, and support in pursuit of their dream lives and in the process, become more aligned with who they truly are. 

Emily is the founder of the networking group for spiritual entrepreneurs, Hippies In Heels, and works one-on-one with women all over the world through her virtual life coaching business. Click here to set up your free 60-minute Empower session with Emily!

Photo credit: Joey Kennedy

Unleash Your Awesome in 2015.

In the past two years of running the Propelle Mastermind, we have witnessed women become super focused, energized, and inspired in their businesses.

These women have become a community of doers, working to support and promote each other in all that they do. They are taking their businesses, products, and services to the next level. Making friends and having fun along the way.

We’ve witnessed tremendous growth for these women, both personally and professionally, and want to help YOU do the same.

Unleash your awesome.

It’s a proven fact that coming together with a group of creative, driven, and supportive women entrepreneurs is one of THE most powerful things you can do to elevate your business and your mindset.

Sometimes it takes the feedback from others to see our true selves … they are the proverbial mirror reflecting back our strengths and weaknesses.

When you surround yourself with a killer team that sees you as your best self, you will become unstoppable. There’s no doubt about it.

Hone in on your zone of genius.

Ease, flow, simplicity… All sound like dirty words for an entrepreneur when you’ve been told that it’s hard to run your own business or that it takes hard work to be successful.

The truth is, when you operate from your zone of genius and focus on what you’re best at, you may begin to question if what you’re doing is actually work.

The collective brain power of the Propelle Mastermind, combined with the support and insight of others in the group, will help you become laser focused on what you do best.

Take flight with the Propelle Mastermind.

2015 Mastermind Series:

What you get:

  • 8 (3-hour) group sessions run by Emily and Kate over the course of 2 sessions, complete with weekly check-in’s with an accountability partner
  • 6-week Virtual Summer Camp (online course) with weekly videos and challenges
  • Access to a private online space to start and grow conversations with other group members
  • Focused support, feedback, ideas, and strategies to help your business succeed
  • Clarity, inspiration, and laser-sharp vision for your business (and life)

Dates for the in-person group:

3rd THURSDAY of the month.

Session 1: January 15th, February 19th, March 19th, and April 16th.
Session 2: September 17th, October 15th, November 19th, and December 17th

Time: 9AM – 12PM
Location: Repair The World (6022 Broad St., 15206)

Check out Repair The World’s inspiring space!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.43.01 AM

Dates for the Virtual Summer Camp: June 15th through July 20th

Investment (Rock It!):

Paid in Full: $2000
Monthly: $199/mo

2015 Series - PIFMM2015monthly

What our previous Mastermind-er’s are saying:

“Propelle Mastermind helped me realize the true value of what I bring to the table, and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level. The friendships and support network I’ve built are priceless. Thumbs up, ladies!”

» Diane Walter, Marketing and Moxie
“As an entrepreneur, I think it’s essential to surround yourself with people who are positive and are always thinking big. The Propelle Mastermind group is a focused incubator of good ideas, kick-ass advice, and unbelievable support. I made several big decisions about my business and got clear about next steps to take with the help of this group.”

» Debbie Hardin, Hardin Acupuncture
Sam Laffey “If you had told me 6 months ago that having women sit around a table and call me on my bullshit was something I’d sign up for again, I’d have called you crazy. But when those women are some of the smartest, most kick-ass women in Pittsburgh, and you pair the “calling of the bullshit” with some serious encouragement, ideas, and excitement, I couldn’t say no. Propelle Mastermind this summer was completely pivotal for me and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be this fall as I continue to work to take my life and business to the next level of awesome.”

» Sam Laffey, Porter Loves Photography
Deena Blumenfeld “The Mastermind group has given me an extraordinary brain trust of other women entrepreneurs. They’ve helped me develop new ideas for my business, that I never would have thought of on my own. The group also provided me with accountability, so that I actually have implemented these ideas. I have a group of ladies who follow up and who want me to succeed. Their support and expertise has been invaluable.”

» Deena Blumenfeld, Shining Light Prenatal Education
Britt Reints “The Propelle Mastermind Group gave me invaluable support at a crucial time in my business as I prepared for my first book launch. As a freelance writer, it’s easy to feel isolated, but the Mastermind Group gave me both people to connect with and a well of inspiration and sound advice to draw from. If you want guidance, accountability, and motivation to meet your goals, I highly recommend a Propelle Mastermind Group.”

» Britt Reints, In Pursuit of Happiness

The Power of The Personal Note

Smattering of awesome thank you cards

1. Thank You Card via Print Smitten | 2. Grassy Ass Funny Thank You Card via crumple & toss | 3. You Are So Sweet via Chatty Press | 4. Amazeballs All-Purpose Card from Sad Shop | 5. Autumn Thank You Cards via happy dappy bits | 6. Merci Thank you Cards via Moose Art

In this technological day and age, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out.

Did you know that 144.8 billion emails are sent each and every day?

That’s a heck of a lot of emails—120 per day on average— to wade through and respond to on a daily basis.

Additionally, most people (about 82%) are reading those emails on a mobile device, meaning that a good majority end up getting buried, lost, or simply deleted without so much as an open.

So, how do you stand out amongst the technological clutter?

With a hand-written note, of course!

Think about it. What kind of mail (if any) do you get on a daily basis? My mailbox tends to be full of bills (boring), local magazines (snooze), and catalogs (snore). When a sweet little note shows up in my mailbox, it stands out.

As in, I cherish it.

I don’t forget about it either. I am 1,000x more inclined to want to connect with whomever sent the card. Or want to do something kind in return.

If you think about it, that type of response is exactly what you want when building and nurturing your business.

You want to stand out in the marketplace.

You want people to remember you, think kindly of you, and connect with you.

You want to be top of mind.

So the next time you’re putting together a marketing plan, why not include a little snail mail outreach as part of your game plan?

*Statistics used in this post came from this article on Mashable.


Emily Levenson, Propelle Co-Pilot Emily Levenson has been inspiring others since the turn of the century. She has been referred to as a rainbowmaker, a magical mentor, and a game changer.Most days, you can find Emily tweeting up a storm, blogging about the delicious and healthy foods she creates, playing on Pinterest, and Facebooking with the best of them.

Emily has been lucky enough to have been featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pittsburgh Business Times, NEXTPittsburgh, and on WTAE-TV.


Secrets. Stories. Stimulating Activities.

7 Secrets to Soaring: Helping You (And Your Business) Take Flight

Over the past three years we have worked and connected with over 1000 women entrepreneurs. During our conversations, we’ve found that several themes continued to arise time and time again.

Seven themes to be precise:

  1. Finding your voice.
  2. Jealousy.
  3. Believing in yourself.
  4. Confidence.
  5. Fear.
  6. Making mistakes.
  7. Taking risks.

We believe that these themes are the secrets that all successful entrepreneurs have implemented at one point or another. We wanted to share these secrets along with stories from women in the Propelle community who have put these ideas into practice.

We’ve compiled it all into one handy dandy eBook.

And because we believe that all women entrepreneurs should have access to this information, you get to decide the price.

That’s right, it’s a “pay what you want party” for the next seven days.

All you have to do is click the big Add to Cart button below, enter the dollar amount you want to pay, click checkout or use Paypal, and then enter the rest of your payment details. Once checkout is complete, you’ll be emailed a link to download the eBook.

And just like that, you’ll be on your way to soaring.

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