propelleflagsWe are women, hear us roar.

We love women. We love it even more when women succeed. And, yes. We love it even more when women own their power, play bigger, and break down every stinkin’ barrier in their way.

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

Through our own experiences as women entrepreneurs, there were more than a few things we wished we knew along the way. We often fantasized about having mentors, women who had blazed a trail ahead of us and could share their secrets.

That’s what Propelle was created to do. To let you in on those secrets. To help you look fear in the face and use it to your advantage. To help you tap into your passions so you can launch your business into the next stratosphere. To find your voice. To connect with your target market.

To be the most successful woman entrepreneur you can possibly be.

Collaboration is the key to success.

We truly believe that we {as business owners, as women, as humans} will get further in this big old world by collaborating with others. By tapping into that collective brain power. By holding each other accountable. By supporting each other. By sharing, and teaching, and learning. By owning our power. By having fun.

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